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How long until salmonela contaminates unrefridgerated food?

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What disease can spread if there is bad food?

salmonela, e.coli

Can you cook a roast that thawed all night in microwave?

no. thawing the food in the microwave contaminates it.

What are the disadvantages of polystyrene made food containers?

Contact with hot foods contaminates the food with styrene. When you eat the food, styrene enters your system.

Where should you keep raw meat and cooked meat in?

Because the germs from the raw food contaminates with the germs from the cokked food. Even when on the chopping board they should never be kept together.

What food poisons salmonela?

It's not possible for food to poison salmonella, haha. But the food poison known as salmonella can most commonly be found in raw chicken, some eggs, and unwashed vegetables. Be careful, and wash any surface that you've prepared these foods with, with a bleach based cleaner. -HayleyHypnotiq(:

How many hours can tomato sauce remain unrefrigerated?

after opening it, the bottle clearly says refridgerate after opening. if you are talking about after you put it on the food i would say do not leave it unrefridgerated for long because that is when bacteria will grow on it, and you can become sick from that.

You left hamburger soup unrefridgerated for 10 hours Is it still ok to eat?

No. That is far too long to have a potentially hazardous food left unrefrigerated. It could be safe but there's no way to know without testing it. Discard it.

How long will raw chicken stay good in the refrigerator?

up to a week. Freeze the chicken to preserve the chickyness goodness. MMMBELL. If its left in the fridge the bacteria is not cold enough to die. therefore food poisoning salmonela (cant spell) is in risk of processing.

Identify five ways which the physical environment affect the social environment?

1 It contaminates the air. 2 It can cause flooding. 3 It can not bare food crops 4 It gives as diseases. 5

Do red eared sliders have salmonela?

Yes. They produce salmonella to digest their food. It is important that children don't handle small turtles and put them in their mouth. That is why it is illegal to sell them under 4 inches in size. Just be sure to wash your hands after contact with the turtle.

What provides food for baby salmon until they can feed themselves?

Yolk Sacks provide nourishment until they can get food for themselves.

What does a giraffe do when it runs out of food?

It tries to walk until it finds food.

How do seahorses hunt for food?

stand still until food passes by

What is the function of food supply?

To store food until you need it. For example, a refrigerator!

How long will mold stay on food?

until the food decomposes or gets eaten.

Why does the kingfisher sit until he dives for food?

they are looking for food! not just sitting there!

How do green sea turtles catch their food?

They Swim around until they see their food then they catch their food!!!!

What is hermit crabs feeding strategy?

Hermit crabs find food, eat it until full, and stay near food until it's gone.

How do you do food coloring?

When using food coloring, you should add it to the food one drop at a time until the food is the intended color.

How can you get rid of food poisoning?

Food poisoning will not stop until the patient eliminated all the food that causes the poisoning.

How long can you thaw food under running water?

Until the food is completely thawed.

How pelicans get their food?

they get their food by scooping it up with their large beak and store it until needed

What happened to the population after the food supply increased?

The population increases until the food runs out.

How does a mustang find food?

Where ever you lay the food out, the mustang will sniff until he finds it

How long can thanksgiving turkey remain unrefridgerated?

According to the Butterball web site:Store cooked meats in the refrigerator as soon as your meal is over. The maximum time limit for keeping cooked meat at room temperature is 2 hours.