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Marrying a U.S. citizen DOES NOT automatically grant the non-citizen citizenship or permanent resident rights. He will have to follow the procedures prescribed by the Immigration laws., 1-800-375-5283.

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Q: How long will it take after your boyfriend who is 17 and an illegal Mexican and you get married before he gets his papers?
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How do you get married to an illegal Mexican in the state of Wisconsin?

It might be better for your favorite illegal person to go home before you marry them. Then, get married and apply for permanent status. It will not go as smoothly if you try to change their status while they are in the US.

Do you have to divorce your illegal spouse before you get re married?

If the 'illegal' marriage was registered then yes.

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Can a marine get married to a 17 year old?

It is illegal to be married before the age of 18 but you can get engaged at any age.

Is it illegal for a married man to move in with a different married woman in the state of Nebraska?

I do not believe that it is illegal for a married man to move in with a woman that is married to a different man. The only law that may apply is if the man decides to marry the woman before either of them get divorced. That is called polygamy, and is illegal in all 50 states.

Your 17 and your boyfriend is 19 you knew each other before it was illegal so that's why were still together we have sex alot im on birth control soo is this okay?

You already answered your own queston when you said "before it was illegal". If it is illegal, it is NOT OK.

If a U.S. married a illegal but was not aware before they married that this person was illegal and now seeking a divorce would you still need to divorce orwould the marriage be annuled once deported?

You need a divorce!

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What if your aunt got married before she was divorced can she do that and what can she do to not get in trouble?

A marriage before a divorce become legal is called bigamy and it's illegal in the USA

What if you marry a Mexican and stay in Mexico?

You will be an illegal alien while in Mexico. You would have to clarify your legal status before the Mexican Instituto Nacional de Migracion (National Migration Institute).

Will a Mexican who came to US before age 16 worked for years and is married to US citizen get legal status?


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Is polygamy illegal if you got married before you moved to Canada?

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What is the name of Amelia Earhart's boyfriend before she got married to George Putnam?

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What paperwork would you need to marry your boyfriend who is an illegal alien and you are a US citizen and the only document he has is his birth certificate from Mexico?

He would need to apply and be granted legal permanent status before the couple could be legally married. I don't think you could marry him if he is illegal. Good Luck. You CAN marry an illegal alien. For whatever reason, it's legal to marry an illegal alien. You just need his birth certificate and proof of what state he lived in for the last 30 days prior to marriage.

If you turned 17 before charges were filed on your boyfriend is it illegal?

You haven't said for what, but if he comitted a crime before this date then he will still be liable for it. Just because you have turned the age it doesn't make it go away.

If a us citizen marries a Mexican illegal immigrant in the us and has 20 years of deportation can he still get the green card and become a resident of the US?

to my knowledge, if you as an American citizen are LEGALLY married to an illegal, all that you have to do is go to your local immigration office and apply for his residency. it is better if you are married in the u.s. before applying. if you guys married in the u.s. so much the better. make sure that he does not have a criminal record or that is it. if you married outside the u.s. what i would do is to marry again in the u.s. so that immigration will "recognize" said marriage, but yes, as a u.s. citizen, applying for your spouse is one of your privileges and rights for being a u.s. citizen...good luck

Boyfriend got you pregnant and his is a married marine what could happen to him?

If they find it out, he will get kicked out. If you want to be together get him to get a divorce asap before they find out. It sucks being pregnant with a married me. (from experience)

In The Sims 3 can you marry a guy if he was never your boyfriend?

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Where can an illegal immigrant get a marriage lisensce?

They can get married in the US or their home country. They still have to leave the country before immigration proceedings can take affect.

What if an illegal immigrant divorces and marries a us citizen to get perminit residence divorced an remarried in under 1 year?

He can be arrested as he is a illegal immigrant and he has got married before waiting for a year aftr getting divorced.