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There are 18 Arab countries.

Here is the list of Arab countries:


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Q: How many Arab countries are there?
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How many Arab countries are there in Africa?

There are NINE Arab countries in Africa.

How many Arab countries are there in the world?

There are 22 Arab countries, not counting Western Sahara or Palestine.

How many Arab countries are represented in the league of ARAB states?


What is the Arab currency?

There are many Arab countries and each has its own currency.

How many Muslim countries in addition to Arab countries?


How many countries are in the Arab states?

there are 69

How many arabian countries in the world?

There are 22 countries in the Arab World.

What is the number of African Arab countries out of Arab countries?


How many Arab gulf states are there?

6 countries

How many Arab countries are there in Africa and what are the countries?

There are nine Arab countries in Africa.They are Algeria,Comoros,Dijibouti,Eritrea,Libiya,Morocco,Somalia,Sudan,Tunisia,and Egypt.

What are the non-Arab Muslim countries?

it is Muslim countries but not Arab such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, turkey, Iran and many more.The population in Muslim non Arab countries account for 85% of total Muslim population.

Which countries do not take part in the Arab games?

non-arab countries

How many Arab countries use the riyal as currency?


How many medals did the Arab countries win in 2008?


How many Arab countries are competing in the 2012 Olympics?


How many Arab countries lies in Asian wing?


How many Arabs are there in Africa?

There are NINE Arab countries in Africa.

Full form of AGCC countries?

Arab Gulf Countries Council or Arab Gulf Cooperation Council when related with arab

Which countries that border Iraq are Non-Arab?

TURKEY and IRAN are the two Non-Arab countries that border Iraq.

CONTINENT of all Arab countries?

Arab countries span the continents of Africa and Asia.

Number of Arab and Jewish countries?

There are 22 Arab countries and 1 Jewish country.

Are all the Middle East countries are Arab countries?

There are countries in the Middle East that are not Arab, such as Iran, Turkey, and Israel.

Which Arab countries are smaller than uae?

the two smaller arab countries are Qatar and Bahrani

What Arab countries surround Israel?

The countries that border Israel are Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. All four of them are Arab countries.

Which Arab countries were not greatly impacted by the Arab Spring?