How many Asians live in Africa?

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Why did the Asians immigrate to east Africa?

The situation of Asians in South Africa was in many ways very similar that of Asians in East and Central Africa,

Where do most africans of south Asian descent live?

Asians make up a significant minority on the Continent of Africa. The majority of Asians in Africa are of Indian descent. Many migrated there during the British Raj. The largest group, about 85% of the population, live in South Africa.

How many Asians live in the UK?


How many asians live in New Zealand?


How many Asians live in Southfield Michigan?


How many Asians live in Hong Kong?

About 10 Thousand

How many people today practice Buddhism in Africa?

Around 0.1% of the population, mostly by east Asians who have migrated to South Africa.

Where did the Asians in Africa come from?

They came from Japan

How many Asians live in California?

about 300,000 peopple are Asian in California.

Who live on the continents of Europe Asia and Africa?

European Caucasians are the race native to Europe. Asian Caucasians(Middle Easterns)/ Asians are native to Asia. And Africans are native to Africa.

What do east Africa civilizations traded mostly?


Who were not invited to the Berlin conference?

Representatives from Africa

What kind of people live in Hawaii?

The native people are called Polynesians. Many Asians and Caucasians also live there.

How many Asians live in other countries other than on the Asian continent?

There are about 90,000,000 Asians living outside the Asian continent. Australia & Oceania - 8,700,000 (25%) North America - 25,000,000 (4%) Europe - 24,000,000 (4%) South America - 11,700,000 (3%) Africa - 22,000,000 (2%)

Are Koreans and Asians the same thing?

Asians are people how live in or whose families come from Asia, a very large place. All Koreans are Asians, but not all Asians are Koreans. There are many other Asians. Asians who are not Koreans would include Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotians, Tibetans, Burmese, Thais, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis, and others.

Where do most Asians live?


Where do Asians live?

puerto rico

Do central Asians live in cities or rural areas?

no,central asians live in cities coz they have a lot of money,not BHIKARI like you

Where in Africa do elephants live?

There are many places in Africa where elephants can live. Some of them can live on the Savanna for example.

How many Asians in NHL?

There is currently no Asians playing in the NHL.

In what areas do most asians live?

in india

Where do you find cheetahs?

with the asians in AsiaThe cheetah can be found in most of Africa and around the middle east.AFRICATanzania .

How many Muslims live in Africa?

how many Muslims live in north and east Africa? this consist of lybia, Egypt, Somalia etc

How many kinds of rhinos live in Africa and where in Africa do they live?

Two, the black rhino and the white rhino.

How many mammals live in South Africa?

Literally hundreds of kinds of mammals live in southern Africa.

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