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How many Jews were killed in Poland?


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If you mean 'How many Polish Jews were killed in the Holocaust?' please see the related question.

If, however, you mean in Poland literally, it is very hard to give an answer because:

1. Poland's borders were changed several times between 1939 and 1945.

2. The main extermination camps were all in Poland (pre World War 2 borders), and Jews were transported there from all over Europe to be killed.


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Poland, 3 million Jews were killed. Their was a jewish population of 3.3 Million in poland and 91% of the jewish population were killed due to Nazi occupation of Poland

Not many Jews were killed within the borders of the Netherlands, but around 110,000 Dutch Jews were Killed during the Holocaust. Most of them were sent to Concentration Camps in Poland and Germany.

They killed all the jews and Poland had lots of jews.

Many historians estimate that between 5.6 and 5.9 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust by Nazi Germany.___Obviously, most of the victims were killed in Poland, not Germany, and the majority was not German Jews. The number of German Jews killed is probably around 165,000.

The entirety of Europe. About half were killed in Poland, where many concentration camps were located.

before the war there were about 4,000 living Jews after the war there were about between 1,000-100 living Jews by the way i am only 10

About 6 million Jews were killed at the hands of the Nazis. The majority of these were not German Jews and most of the killings took place in Nazi-occupied Poland.

About 3 million Polish Jews were murdered, mostly in Poland (especially at Trebkinka, Chelmno, Majdanek, Belzec, Sobibor and Auschwitz). About half of Polish Jews died due to starvation, disease and mass shooting by the Germans. However, the total number of Jews killed in occupied Poland was higher as Jews were deported to Auschwitz and other extermination camps from countries far away from Poland. In particular, Jews from France, Greece, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany were killed at Auschwitz. This raises the overall total to over 4 million killed in occupied Poland. The Germans turned Poland into the Nazis biggest killing field.

not a simple question, but because so many countries sent their Jews to be killed in Poland, the answer is: Poland 1. On the eve of World War 2 in Europe, Poland had by far the largest Jewish population - about 3.3 million. An estimated 2.9 million of them were killed in the Holocaust. 2. All the major extermination camps were in occupied Poland.

Prewar Poland had a Jewish population of 3.3 million, easily the largest in Europe. About 90% of Polish Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

Poland 3,000,000 & 90% all jews were there

the Jews came from Poland, austrial and Germany. they were taken and gased or killed.

6 million Jews were killed including almost the entire Jewish population of Poland

Millions of Polish Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

They were generally sent to Poland to the death camps.

Poland. 3,000,000 Polish Jews were killed. Source:

About 78% of the Jews in the occupied or war impacted parts of Europe were killed in the Holocaust (also called The Shoa). In some countries, such as Poland and Lithuania, 90% of the Jews died or were killed.

In some parts of Western Europe the Jews were falsely accused of causing (!) the plague and some were killed. Many fled to Eastern Europe, especially Poland, where they were welcomed on the whole. The key years were 1348-51, in which thousands of Jews were killed in pogroms.

About how many non Jews were killed in the Holocaust

About six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

the Jews were killed at death camps mainly in Poland and Germany by the Nazis

2.9-3.0 Million Polish Jews were killed in the Holocaust. There were numerous other pogroms and attacks on the Jewish community in Poland throughout the centuries, especially between 1795 and 1919 when the country of Poland was occupied by Prussia/Germany, Austria/Austria-Hungary, and Russia.

Between 3-4 Million. Polish Jews accounted for about half of all the civilian losses in Poland.

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