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As University of Utah students are not required to disclose their religion, there is no way to know for sure. It would also be difficult to determine what "counts" as a Mormon as many who attend the school are non-practicing Mormons who may no longer consider themselves to be a part of the faith although they technically remain on church records. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) operates an "Institute of Religion" across the street from campus, which offers religious classes, devotionals, worship services, and activities for University students. Several thousand are enrolled at the Institute each semester, however, you do not need to be a Mormon to be enrolled. Many non-Mormons attend Institute classes simply because they can get a free parking pass - something the University charges $100 for. There are also several Mormon student congregations near campus, but not all Mormons attend church services, or they may attend church with their parents or friends in the suburbs, so membership in student congregations is also a poor way to count. There is also an LDS Student Association and LDS Sorority and Fraternity at the University, but it is actually not very common for even the most religious students to be involved, as many are busy with their studies and jobs. The best I can say is from my own personal experience as a student at the University of Utah for two years (2008-2010), where I would estimate about 15-20% of my classmates were practicing Mormons.

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This is impossible to answer as the number changes from semester to semester and because students are not required to report their religion, and also because it does not take into account the many students and faculty who are non-practicing Mormons, which people affiliated with the University should be included, etc. The University of Utah is a historically Mormon university, despite it's reputation as one of the most liberal universities in the state. The university was founded by Mormons and most of the Church's top leadership in the past 100 years or so have attended there. However, its proximity to the more liberal and trendy neighborhoods of Salt Lake City, it's strong science programs, and it's rivalry with church-owned Brigham Young University have caused the university to attract an increasingly non-Mormon student body. However many Mormons, choose to attend the "U", and their reasons vary. Most experience a welcoming atmosphere and find many programs catered to them, including the Institute of Religion, LDSSA, student-only congregations, and LDS fraternities and sororities. Having been a student there myself, I would say that approximately half the student body is Mormon, or was raised Mormon but is no longer practicing. This is also a reflection of the Demographics of the area where the campus is located.
The only concrete numbers I can provide come from the University Institute of Religion. The Institute is located just off campus and offers religion classes and student activities. The institute is run by the LDS church and is not affiliated with the University, in fact most major universities around the world will have an LDS Institute nearby. The Institute classes and activities are open to anyone, regardless of religious belief (and conversely, Mormon students are not required to attend) so it is in no way an accurate count of how many Mormons there are at the University, but the Institute claims almost 5,000 enrolled students. Other Universities similar to the size of the University of Utah (30-40,000 undergrads) usually have 100-200 students enrolled in the Institute

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4,467 are enrolled at BYU.

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Q: How many Mormons go to the university of Utah?
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