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How many admendments are there to the constitution?

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How many admendments does the constitution have?


How many changes or admendments are there in the constitution?

there are as much admendments as ther is ways of doing a girl

How many admendments does the the constitution have?

There are 27 amendments.

How many admendments have been made to the US Constitution?


About how many admendments to the constitution have been suggested?

About six have not been radified.

How many Admendments have been added to the Constitution?

27 admentments. and 26 changes

Can the Congress propose new admendments to the Constitution?


How many admendments have been radified?

27 admendments

What are the first 10 admendments called in the constitution?

the bill of rights

What are the first ten admendments to the constitution called?

Bill Of Rights

The three parts of the constitution are?

the preamble, the original articles, and the admendments.

What would it be like without the admendments to the constitution?

the situation without amendment in the constitution become worst

What part of the Constitution protects the civil liberties of people in the US?

all of the admendments

How many admendments are their?


What made up the first ten admendments to the Constitution?

The first 10 are the Bill of Rights.

What do the admendments do?

Can be almost anything, it's when something needs to be added to our constitution, which isn't often.

How many admendments are there?

There are 27 amendments

How many admendments are on the bill of rights?


How many admendments in the Bill of Rights?


How many admendments can be made?

As many amemdments as Congress will pass.

How many amendments make up the US constitution bill of rights?

Amendents 1-10 make up the Bill of Rights, and the remaining admendments span from 11-27.

Was the constitution pro-slavery?

The Constitution had no say in the writting about being pro slavery or not, because men had refused to sign it if it included on for or not for slavery. So it was left out of the Constitution, but it was added later when it was banned in the admendments.

How many admendments make up the Bill of Rights?


What admendments gave men right to vote?

The 15th and 26th amendments of the US Constitution expanded the electorate to include men who did not previously have the franchise.

How is it that the constitution has lasted this long with only 27 admendments?

The process to add an amendment is complicated. It takes states approval as well as 2/3 of congress.