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you can lose up to 30 calories


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How many calories that you burn biking 6 miles will depend on how much you weigh, and how fast you go. If you weigh 150 pounds and were riding 15 minutes per hour you would burn approximately 964 calories.

Biking for 45 minutes will burn 100 calories.

depends on how far you walk, are you going uphill, downhill or is it flat? if you walk on a flat area then you will not burn as much as the other two, uphill you will burn the most. all in all you will not burn a lot of calories unless you walk a pretty good distance and even a couple miles of flat land will only burn around 70 calories. a couple miles uphill could burn over 150.

Sure. As long as you're breathing and your heart is beating you'll be using up calories. The faster your breathing and heartbeat, the more calories you burn.

This is a hard question to answer, because there are a lot of variables that you haven't listed. Are you going uphill? Downhill? Stationary Bike? A good general answer is that you'll be burning roughly 5 calories per minute on flat-surface biking at 6 mph. So, in 30 minutes, you'd burn about 120-150 calories.

At a steady speed of 10mph you would lose approximately 2,700 calories.

Swimming would burm the most calories if you do lap to lap without stopping. Biking is also a very good exercise, but I suggest swimming.

It depends on how far you cycle; the intensity of your cycling, etc.

Running(approximately 10mph) and biking are really effective, you can lose up to 1130 calories per hour by doing one of those two exercises.

it depends on if your running uphill, a relatively even surface, or going downhill. If you are running up hill you will burn more calories, but if you were running down hill you would burn less.

200 calories. That's assuming really intense exercise like running uphill or doing the stair machine at a fast pace. 1200 calories an hour is 200 calories in 1/6 of an hour (10 min).

It depends on the intensity. Anywhere from 100-500+ calories. A stationary bike can give you a decent estimate of the number of calories burned.

Uphill because it requires more energy (work) to defy gravity, and when gravity works with you as you go downhill, you exert less energy.

Depends on how hard you rode. If you got sweaty and winded, probably about 300

you can burn between 100-200 calories it really depends on how much you cook.

Pushups don't really burn calories, they increase strength by building muscle. Muscle does burn calories but it'd take quite a while. If you want to burn calories try an aerobic workout.

You don't really burn any calories when texting. If you do, it's only a couple calories and not much to make a significant difference.

Not really. Only athletes should burn excessively high amounts of calories daily.

When talking about calorie usage, what's important isn't what you do, but how hard and how long you keep at it.If you get equally sweaty and winded, expect to burn about the same amount of calories for the same length of exercise.

You build up the potential energy, while walking up hill. That requires lot of energy. You have to burn the calories for that. You need oxygen to burn the calories. This extra oxygen comes from increased respiration.

Depends entirely on how hard you go at it, and for how long you stay at it.Anything between 300 - 1100 calories /hour, depending on the effort you put in.A short, casual ride won't burn much at all. A long casual ride will burn a bit. A long, hard ride will burn a lot.

No it is not the best exercise in my opinion is running and or walking if you find that boring there is always biking. Oh and also i really good weight loss exercise is rowing you burn tons of calories doing rowing. Fact ;)

It really depends on how much you are vacuuming.

Burning calories depends on many factors. Stretching pizza for an hour could burn a few extra calories, but those calories are really negligible at the end of the day.

You probibly burn 1 or 2 calories doing a cartwheel at most, it's not something that really keeps your heart going.

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