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It has 4. 4 plug wires means 4 cylinders. This is not correct. Many Honda V-Twins (2 cylinders) have 2 spark plugs per cylinder. The Honda Shadow Ace is one of those. It is a V-Twin.


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You will need a 5/8 socket to remove the plugs from your 750 Honda motorcycle. A deep well socket is recommended.

You can buy parts for your motorcycle online. has replacement parts for a Honda CB 750, as does Also check out the classifieds in your local newspaper and any motorcycle shops in your area.

You can use, for example, a Yuasa YTZ14S motorcycle battery.

First production motorcycle with a hydraulic disk brake would be the Honda CB 750 in 1969

10w30 or 10w40 that is made for liquid clutch.

I might been biased here; The Honda 750- four, offcourse! Sure, it does not run as smoothly as the CB-500, but, who cares? ---

The Honda Shadow 750 is a motorcycle manufactured by Honda Motors. It has a 750 cc engine which is liquid cooled, 21 inch front wheel, and a seat height which reaches no more than 26 inches. Foot pegs are placed so the driver is comfortably seated.

A Honda shadow 750 V twin motor cycle has two carburators.

Most anti-freeze should be acceptable for a motorcycle. Unless it states on the container not to use it in a motorcycle or not to use it with aluminum, it should be fine in your bike.

The firing order of the CB750-4 SOHC is 1-2-4-3

The battery on almost all MOTORCYCLES is under the seat, It is on your Honda MOTORCYCLE too, call A Honda dealer, ask for service, they will be happy to tell you how to get to it.,,,,,Good luck, Jamison.

The Honda Nighthawk 750 is rated at 75 hp. The Honda Shadow Spirit 750 is rated at 60 hp. The Honda Shadow ACE 750 is rated at 43 hp.

1993 was the last production year of the Nighthawk. Source: No, it was 2003 for the Nighthawk 750. The little Nighthawk 250 is still being made. Both were introduced in 1991. The 750 was Motorcycle of the Year that year.

tire pressure for a 2002 kawasaki 750 vulcan motorcycle.

On lower left side of engine, behind the water pump, it is a hex headed bolt.

To my knowledge, there was only a 750-4 in 1971. Kawai. came out with the 900 around '74 or '75

It is absolutely critical for the safe operation of the machine that the year and model be referenced for a correct answer

James dean was sittin cheeks on a 1973 honda 750 four

Originally the Honda 750 four had 69 horsepowers. ---

what are the emissions settings for a 1998 honda shadow 750

Yes there is a repair manuel for a 1983 750 Shadow. You can probably get one at a Honda Dealership or on line if someone has one for sale. Or send to the address below. Clymer Honda VT700 & 750 . 1983 - 1987 Intertec Publishing P.O. box 1290, Overland Park, Kansas, 66282-2901

Yes, it easily carries two grown people also over longer distances.

Will the exhaust pipes for a Honda shadow 1100vt fit a Honda shadow 2012 750

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