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There seems to be some confusion.

South Africa is a country on the southern part of the continent of Africa. Hence it is called South Africa.

South Africa is one country, not a continent.

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How many countries are on the continent of South Africa?

South Africa is a country not a continent

How many continents are in South Africa?

There are NO continents in South Africa. South Africa is one of the nations on the African continent.

Who is the president of Africa now?

Do you mean South Africa? Africa is a continent made up of many countries.

How many continents in Africa?

Africa is a continent making it only one continent on the continent of Africa

In what state or country is Africa?

Africa is a CONTINENT, not a country or state. It is made up of many countries from Morrocco in the North West, Egypt in the North East and South Africa in the South.

How many continents are or in Africa?

Africa is a continent. There are 47 countries on the continent of Africa.

Is Africa a country and continent?

Africa is a Continent with many countries in it.

Which continent has more countries south American or African?

Africa has many more countries. Africa has nearly 50 countries, while South America has 13.

What is a country South of Europe?

There are many countries south of Europe. The continent of Africa is south of Europe. Some of the countries in Africa that are just south of Europe include Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt.

Which African country is farthest south?

The African country that is farthest south is called South Africa. While many seem to believe South Africa is just the area and direction of the continent, it is in fact a country.

Does Africa have democracy?

Africa is a continent of over 50 countries. Many of them have democracy. The nation of South Africa is one example of a democracy in Africa. However, many countries in Africa are governed by farily autocrartic rule.

How many continents do Africa have?

Africa is a continent so it only has one continent, but Africa has 52 countries.

How many tigers are in south africa?

None, unless they are in zoo's. Tigers are not an indigneous animal to the African continent

Is Africa a continent and a country?

no. but there are many many countries in Africa

Is South Africa land locked?

No, definitely not. South Africa is at the south of the continent of Africa (obviously), and therefore must border the water, which it does. South Africa has many ports, including Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and many more well-known sea ports. As a matter of fact, South Africa is a perforated state. This means it land locks another country and entirely surrounds it by itself. South Africa is a perforated state to Lesotho.

How many continets are there in Africa?

Africa is a (one!)continent.

How do you say dream in African?

There is no language called "African." Africa is a huge continent with many languages. Perhaps you mean "Afrikaans," spoken in South Africa?

How did Africa achieve independence?

Africa is a continent, not a country. It has many countries in it. including: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Egypt, Etheopia, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and so on.

What are some key places to visit in Africa?

Africa is a huge continent with thousands of tourists throughout the countries. Many people love to visit South Africa or Egypt for the pyramids.

What is the continent of monkey?

Monkeys live on many continents, including Africa, South America, Central America and Asia.

Is Kenya the capital of Africa?

Africa is a continent, not a country. There are many countries in Africa, just as there are in Europe and South America. A capital is a city. Kenya is not a city. Kenya is a country in Africa. It has a capital: the city of Nairobi.

Are there mountains in Africa?

Africa is a massive continent and it has many mountains.

Does Africa have states?

Yes, there are many states in the continent of "Africa".

Is Africa an independent country?

No , Africa is a continent, with many countries on it.

Is Africa a country or a nation?

Africa is a continent and has many countries

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