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There are 22 countries in the world that have English as their primary language. There are also several other countries where English is the official language, although it is not the one that is primarily spoken.

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Q: How many countries have english as their first language?
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Where is English spoken as second language?

English is a widely spoken second language (but not first language) in many countries, including:GermanyPhilippinesMalaysiaNigeriaPakistanSri LankaIndiaBrazilNetherlandsNorwayDenmarkSwedenIcelandIsrael

Why you need to learn English language?

The reason is so simple. English is spoken in many countries as a first or second language and it's becoming the international language of business.

Why do most countries speak English?

English is an international language because many countries were colonised by the British and they brought the English language to those countries. While the British Empire is now part of history, the English language is still spoken around the world.

What is the importance of English in the present world?

English is very important in the modern world. Many countries use this language in trade and knowing it as a first language is really an advantage.

How many percent of the world wanted the English be the language of the world?

The English speak countries want English be the world language

How many countries official language is English?

53 countries consider English one of their official languages.

Why do some many people speak English in the world?

Many countries in the world were occupied for tens of years by the BritishEnglish language is the first world scientific language

How many countries use English as a native language?

There are fifty eight sovereign countries where English is an official language but may not be the primary language. There are an additional twenty one non-sovereign nations that list English as an official language. In addition there are three countries in which English is the de facto language.

Why is English accepted as an international language?

English is accepted as an international language because it is widely spoken. Many countries in the world speak the English language.

How many countries in Europe speak English?

English is an official language in two European countries: Ireland, and Malta, and the de facto language in the UK.

How many countries speaks English as their official language?


How many countries have English as their official language?

77 out of 195

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