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How many days can you go without eating anything if you take vitamins every day?

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It depends on your height, weight, body mass and amount of liquid in your body system. You can go longer without eating that you can drinking water.

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Are there vitamins in a pineapple?

thers vitamins in every fruit

Can giraffe go without eating?

No. This is true for just about every living thing.

Why is it important to eat foods every day that contain dissoluble vitamins?

These vitamins are lost every day.

Can you eat too many oranges?

Yes. Eating too many oranges at one sitting - or eating too much of ANYTHING - can cause diarrhea. Eating an orange or two every day, or an apple every day - is good for everyone.

What is the importance of taking vitamins and minerals?

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients which makes people's bodies work properly. Although you get vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat every day, some foods have more vitamins and minerals than others. Most people should get all the nutrients they need by eating a varied and balanced diet.

What kinds of vitamins are in eggs?

Every Vitamin except C vitamins

How long can a gecko go without eating?

What type? A leopard gecko can go up to two weeks without eating because of the fat storage in its tail, but every species is different.

How do you use the word vitamins in a sentence?

Vitamins are crucial to our well-being.Make sure you take your vitamins.

Can dolphins live without eating?

No, every living thing, even Dolphins, need food to sustain life.

Why is eating healthy good for you?

Healthy food gives you energy and iron and vitamins, while unhealthy food gives you unneeded fat that isn't puppy fat or anything like that, its fat fat. You get a little fatter every time you bite into something sweet, because sugar has millions or calories in it already!

What are some good arthritis vitamins?

There are several vitamins that can help arthritis suffers. The B vitamins, C vitamins, K vitamins and E vitamins are all helpful. You can get information at

Does pasteurization kill vitamins in canned vegetables?

Yes, it destroys up to a half of the vitamins. In addition, the amount of vitamins decreases for every year the can is stored.

Is it bad to eat pizza once every week?

Eating anything in moderation is fine. I usually have pizza every Friday. Just don't go overboard to the point where you eat pizza every night.

Why does strawberries make your body healthy?

strawberries are fruit, and fruit in EVERY case are healthy for your body. Eating anything in excess is bad,

Can you get sick bye from eating worms?

Never ever ever eat worms or any kind of parasite. why? people say you lose weight, you do but its because the worm is eating all your food that you eat and all the vitamins it makes you eat like every single second and you dont get fat it keeps eating and taking all of your vitamins until you die from not getting any food and when your dead the worm get out of you body either through your mouth or butt

Do great white sharks have to eat every few hours to survive?

No, a great white can go months without eating

How can you lose weight without really working out?

you can lose wait by eating a saled every morning and drink a lot of water

Are potatoes harmful to eat everyday?

I do not think that a food would be harmful to eat every day and this includes potatoes. However, I would not advise eating them every single day. Your diet needs some variety so that you can get all the nutrients and vitamins that you need.

Does jello make your hair grow faster?

No, but trimming it and eating vitamins is good for your hair. It's not good to wash it everyday, as the natural oils can leak out. Make sure to wash it every 3rd day.

Can dogs take human vitamins?

Yes, although you put the dog at the same risk that humans are at when they take vitamins. In the United States, vitamins and supplements are not regulated by the FDA for safety or dose - each batch could have different amounts of the vitamins and you would not know. Also, if your dog is eating a commercially available dog food, he really doesn't need any additional vitamins. The dog food companies work very hard to ensure that their kibbles are complete and balanced nutrition in every bite.

What food has all the vitamins?

No food has every vitamin. A balanced diet and vitamin supplements may help get enough vitamins.

What is Freedom and can man be free?

Freedom is an facility which should provide to every human by human without disgracing it. And free is about to get anything without any difficulty.

How long can a cobalt blue tarantula go without eating?

1 to 2 years! but it should be fed every 2 weeks

Do hermit crabs eat every day?

No infact the hermit crab can last three days without eating but drinking water

Can rabbits go one night without eating?

Three nights but i would feed every day heart problems can happen