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Depends on the specific lender's grace period. It is generally 30-45 days but it depends on your payment history just be honest if you can't send it all tell them but don't start bouncing checks or telling them you have sent the money when you haven't etc.

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Q: How many days overdue can you be before repossession?
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In Texas how many months before repossession?

No months. It will be more like weeks or days. In practice, you can be one day past due and the lender can send your vehicle for repossession. It might be months before the actual repossession happens; it will depend on how difficult it is for the agency to secure it.

How many days deliquent can someone be on a car loan in Connecticut before facing repossession?

Typically, one day past the grace period. Some lenders will only permit a debtor to be two weeks delinquent before starting the repossession machine.

How many days to pay before repossession sold?

They will have sent you a letter stating the terms. You can also look at the original loan agreement you signed.

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How many payments misse before repossession?

Usually 3

What are the repossession laws in Texas?

How many days csn you be late befor repo

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How many days does the financial lien holder have to wait after repossession to sell the vehicle?

Laws on this vary by jurisdiction.

How many days do you have to get back your car after it has been repossessed?

In most states, you as the debtor have thirty days to redeem the vehicle after repossession. This can vary slightly from state to state, and most repossession agencies prefer to turn vehicles around as quickly as possible.

Can a repossession agent call the police?

Thay can, and in many jurisdictions it is required before repossession is performed. In others it is only necessary to notify police within 24 hours of recovery.

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How many times can you be late for a car payment before it is reposessed?

Answering "How many times can you be late for a car payment before it is reposessed?" by law they can repossess your car when your 1 day late- there is no law against that! However, your best option, would be to contact CAR HELP USA. They stop repossession, get your payments up to date, lower interest rates, lower your monthly auto bill, help with repossession, and so on. They helped me get a car back from repossession in the past! Do something before the problem just gets worse.

How many days do you have to pay for your car before it is sold after repossession in Virginia?

Read your CONTRACT first. If it doesnt cover redeeming your collateral, copy and paste this.

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