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How many died in the bombing of Dresden?

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Wildly divergent figures circulate. The figures given by serious scholars tend to be in the range c. 25,000 - 35,000. Figures like 135,000 and so forth originated with Goebbels.

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Did the soviets participate in the bombing in dresden in 1947?

The was no Dresden Bombing in 1947.

How many people were killed in the Dresden bombing?


How many people died in the bombing of Dresden in 1945?

The bombing of Dresden happened towards the end of World War II. It occurred on February 13, 14, and 15th 1945 and killed approximately 23,000 people though the true number may never be known.

What did the bombing of dresden achieve?

the bombing of Dresden achieved the stopping of weapon and equipment manufacture and stopped German troops being transported through the area.

Was England right to bomb Dresden?

The bombing of Dresden was a revenge event for the earlier bombing destruction of British towns and cities. There was no military reason or benefit for its destruction.

When did the bombing start and where?

the bombing of dresden started in the wee hours of the morning, with the birds chripping.

How long did the bombing of dresden last?

two days

What Eastern German city burns nicely?

bombing of dresden

Was the dresden bombing after the holocaust?

No, it was after the gassings, but still in the same period.

What punishment was given because of bombing dresden?

The bombing of Dresden was an act of war. No different in most ways than the bombing of many cities in Britain like Coventry and Southampton and indeed the centre of London. Thousands of British citizens and children were killed indiscriminately by German bombs. The same happened to Poland, Belgium and Holland. Why would you think the bombers of Dresden should get some special punishment . - Your knowledge of history is deplorable.

What happened on february 14 1945?

Two aircraft related incidents Second day of the bombing of Dresden by Allied air forces Prague is bombed probably due to a mistake in the orientation of the pilots bombing Dresden.

What is Slaughter House 5 about?

Mostly the bombing of Dresden during WW 2.

When did Sem Dresden die?

Sem Dresden died in 1957.

Who painted the bombing of Dresden in 1936 Dresden was bombed in Feb 1945?

Nobody, obviously! Perhaps you're thinking of Picasso's painting of Guernica, which was bombed in 1937.

How many people died in the Oklahoma City bombing?

There were 168 victims of the bombing.

What event lost the most lives?

The fire-bombing of Dresden, Germany. More people were killed in the few days of contiuous bombing than at Hiroshima.

Is the bombing of Dresden justifiable?

The bombing of Dresden was not justifiable because it was not war manufacturing city or military installation. Millions of civilians were killed because General Harris of the Royal Army Air Force continued to insist the war could be won by carpet bombing Germany. He failed to understand the citizens of Germany had no input on the matter of surrender. Those people in Dresden died it vain. The historical architecture was destroyed for the silly notions of General Harris. He was not given the medals and citations he felt he and his aviators should have received. The British were furious at him for what he had done.

Why was the bombing of dresden in world war 2 considered as a war crime?

The excessive firebombing was unnecessary.

When did The Prophesying Nun of Dresden die?

The Prophesying Nun of Dresden died in 1706.

How many died in the bombing of broome?


Is the bombing of Dresden a real Holocaust?

Many major air raids in World War 2 involved firestorms (see link) and could be described as holocausts in the dictionary sense of "great destruction, especially by fire". However, in Germany anyway, using the word Holocaust in connection with the bombing of Dresden is generally regarded as a neo-Nazi trick.

How many people died in Hiroshima during the bombing of Hiroshima?

There are over 140,000 people died during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

How many died from the bombing of Pearl Harbor?


How many people died in the Nagasaki bombing?


How many people died in the bombing in japan?