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How many fuel injectors for a 1995 S10 22L and where are they located?


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yo man i just replaced the injectors in mine pretty easy job you need 4 of them and get some vasoline. dont try to push them in they seat way easier if you put something against them and tap it with a hammer. make sure they are lined up right with the little plate that holds them on.thats pretty much it probobly want to replace the fuel filter too under the driver door insde the frame. hope this helps


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There are 6 fuel injectors, one per cylinder. They are located on the top of the engine.

The fuel injectors are located on the fuel rail by the Intake Manifold. If you have a 6 Cylinder than you have 6 if you have a V8 you have 8. Try to follow your fuel line and it will lead to the fuel rail and you will see your injectors are perpendicular to the fuel rail.

V6 engine - 6 fuel injectors V8 engine - 8 fuel injectors

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If the Trailblazer is a four cylinder vehicle, then there are four fuel injectors in the car. They are located right on top of the engine behind the valve cover and under the throttle body. You can find the injectors for your car at many auto parts stores locally.

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depends on how many cylinders the motor has and if it is fuel injected.

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One for each cylinder, 8 cylinders would have 8 injectors.

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