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I have a 96 Geo Prizm LSI and it holds approx 9 gallons. Don't know for sure, but probably 14 gallons like my 93. ANSWERWell I have filled up to 11 in mine and that was on empty so I think 12.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-18 21:54:50
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Q: How many gallons of gas does a 96 Geo prism hold?
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How many gallons of gas can a 1994 Geo Tracker hold?

about 8.5 gallons

How many gallons in fuel tank for geo prism 1996?

50 liters OR 13.2 gallons

What is the capacity in gallons of a 1991 Geo Prism gas tank?

On my '92, it is 13.2 US Gallons

What is the fuel tank capacity of 1994 Geo Prism?

13.2 gallons

What is the capacity of a 1993 Geo Prism tank in gallons?

10 gallons 13.2 gallons Per "Did yer search 4 ya, LAZY"

What is the fuel tank capacity on 1996 geo prism?

The fuel capacity is 13 US gallons

How many gallons of gas does a 1993 Geo Metro hold?

Enogh to get me to work and back a bunch of times

Airbags Geo Prism?

Yes the Geo Prism has ait bags.

How many gallons of gas does a 1999 Geo Metro hold?

i think is 10 gallon tank if I'm not mistaking.

What is a prism maker?

GM made a small car called the geo prism. GM Chevrolet or GEO

Where is the fuel filter located on a 91 geo prism?

where is the fuel filter located on a 91 geo prism?

How do you change the starter on a 1991 Geo Prism?

Same answer as: "How do you replace a starter on a 92 Geo Prism LSI or GSI?" at this same site.

What was the last year geo prism was made?

what year was geo prisms made

What year did the geo prism use a 3 cylinder engine?

The Geo Metro was the only Geo to have a 3cylinder engine.

How do you change oil in 95 Geo prism Where is the oil pan in 95 Geo Prism?

it is right under the motor. it will be black with a bolt sticking out on the botom of it.

What are some of the main repairs or complaints for a 1991 Geo Prism?

The 1991 Geo Prism is a rebadged Toyota Corolla. They are built in the same factory in California. The Prism is a very dependable car with no major problems.

Where can I get a Geo prism repair manual?

Who made the old prism auto?


Does a 1992 Geo Prism LSI have airbags?


How fast can a 96 geo prism go?

I've been over 110 in my prism

Average cost to replace transmission Geo prism?

The average cost to replace a transmission for a Geo Prism will vary depending on the cost of labor and the year of the Prism. On average, it will cost between $3,500 to $4,000 dollars.

What is the 1993 geo prism ac layout?

I need a diagram of the 1993Geo prism condition system.

What kind of refrigerant is in a 1996 Geo Prism?


Will a gas tank for a 1993 Geo Prism interchange with a gas tank for a 1995 Geo Prism?

they should I would measure really well first and be careful that the tank is empty

What is the CV joint nut size on a 1993 Geo prism?

For my 94 Geo Prizm it's a 30mm.

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