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Majority have 10 speeds. However there are a number of different transmission options ranging from an 8, 9, 13, and 18 speeds as well as automatics.

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Q: How many gears does a tractor trailer have?
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How many cubic feet in a tractor trailer load?

one tractor trally load how many cubic meters

How much does a tractor trailer rig weigh?

The tractor weighs 20,000 pounds, the trailer weighs whatever it weighs, and the maximum weight of a loaded tractor trailer with one trailer is 80,000 pounds.

How much is the toll on the verrazano bridge for a tractor trailer?

$70 for a 5 axle tractor trailer

What is another name for a tractor trailer?

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It depends on the size of the tractor trailer. Find the dimensions of the trailer and divide it by 16 cubic units.

If a tractor is insured is the trailer that the tractor is hooked insured?

I would have to say no. I have a tractor that is insured the only thing that is insured is just that the tractor (fire theft etc). Although You can get your trailer insured just as you can an ATV horse trailer car truck if you had a policy for it. your tractor insurance will not help with the trailer.

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Very large truck - two connected sections - tractor and trailer?

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How is a trailer attached to a tractor?

Depends on what type of tractor and trailer you had in mind. For a farm tractor pulling a trailer, it's usually a pintle on the tractor which is run through a clevice on the trailer. For road going vehicles, the fifth wheel trailers are often used, where a trailer kingpin will be inserted and locked into a fifth wheel on the vehicle. In the case of an 18 wheeler, air lines will connect from the tractor to the trailer to operate the trailer's air brake system.

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this is a standard trailer pulled behind a tractor truck wiyj8 wheels at the back of the unit

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