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How many gladiators would take part in the gladiator fights?



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The average number of Gladiators per average game was about 20, although this number varied depending on time or place. Julius Caesar once paired 320 gladiators at a Munus ("Duty to the Dead," Games specifically for a deceased person, honoring the Manes- the ghost of the dead). for his father. The first number was typically for the smaller games in the provinces which had venues, such as El Djem, Pompeii, and Arles. Caesar was a wealthy Aedile at the time (Roman Magistrate, responsible for the construction and maintenance of buildings) and could afford such a show. The later imperial shows numbered in the upper hundreds to thousands, but these were funded by the Imperial government, whose wealth at their peak seemed inexhaustible. The amount was up to the Editor, (organizer of the games, also the man who ultimately decided the death of a fallen gladiator) and how much money he was willing to spend to offer the games. Remember, the games were a political tool, and were ways to win the favor of the populace come voting time.

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