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How many kinds of man made disasters are there?

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They are numerous examples among which are: * Love Canal * Salton Sea * Sand Creek Massacre * The Crusades * Prohibition * Slavery * The Holocaust * The Love Canal * The Exxon Valdez * Chernobyl * Three Mile Island * Hiroshima and Nagasaki * Buffalo Creek * Elections * Taxes * Depressions * Global warming and other environmental concerns The types and kinds are not relevant, and causation boils down to wealth, power control and the resultant arrogance in every case. Some are ecological with an unknown long term effect on planet earth, a few were put into place for a profit motive, some in the name of religion, some out of predjudice and bias, some because of lack of knowledge of technological consequences and a few resulted from arrogance and stupidity

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What are the different types of man made disasters?

dogi and bloody and rascal are the different types of man-made disasters?

Is volcanoes a natural disasters or man made disasters?

Ok Volcanoes are definetly Not man made! Volcanoes are natural disasters created by the moving plates of the world

What are the disasters made by man?

disaster made by man are which are not caused by nature. example for man made disasters are nuclear , global-warming , wild fires etc.

4 name of the name of the man made disasters?

The four man made disasters include war, typhoid, ozone layer depletion and the Black Death. Air, water and land pollution are also a few of the big man made disasters.

Explain man made disaster and their types?

Disasters crated by humans as individuals or as groups or organisations are known as man made disasters. types of man made disaster are nuclear disaster,chemical disaster, biological disaster,fires,environmental disasters.

Man made disasters how to make the project?

There are many ways in which you could make a project that depicts man made disasters. You can create the twin towers out of tooth picks and fly a remote control plane into them for example.

What are some man made disasters?

Some man-made disasters include oil spills and nuclear reactor meltdowns. Other man-made disasters include airplane crashes and fires in cities.It depends on what you mean by disaster. To me, the only disasters I can think of are: Nuclear Explosions. War. Biological Warfare.

Examples of natural and man-made disasters?

Natural disasters: Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis etc.Man-made disasters: Bridge failures, human stampedes, oil spills etc.

There are how many types of man made disaster?

global warming,melting of glaciers, chemical explosions,etc are e.g. of man made disasters

What are the consequences of man made disasters?


What steps should be taken to prevent man made disasters?

kill all disasters

How natural disasters are more harmful than manmade disasters?

There are no way you can stop natural disasters but there are ways you can prevent man-made disasters

List some man made disasters?

i wanna alist of man made disaster

Need a conclusion for a man made disaster project?

conclusion for man made disasters

What will you justify that man-made disasters occur due to the follies of man?

man-made disasters occur because some people are idiots or are crazy or are selfish or anything like that! yes some of these disasters occur due to the follies of man but not all of them

How are man made disasters caused?

Disasters caused by human action, negligence error, or involving the failure of a system are called Man-Made disasters. Man-Made disaster are in turn categorized as technological or sociological. Technological disasters are the result of failure of technology, such as engineering failures, transport disasters or environmental disasters. Sociological disasters have a strong human motive, such as criminal acts, stampedes, riot and war. Man-Made disasters is caused either intentionally or by accident cause severe threats to public health and well being. Because their occurrence is unpredictable, man-made disasters pose an especially challenging threat that must be dealt with through vigilance, and proper preparedness and response.

What are man made disasters and how do you prevent them?

Man made disasters are any disaster caused by man for example forest fires or global warming. These are 2 very different man made disasters. One has an immediate result, while the other one has a long term impact. Man made disasters can only be prevented by education and conservation. No one man can control another, however plant a well educated concept in his mind, and you can control his destiny.

What do you mean by man made disasters?

man is made of disaster because of the problems it faces....Man-made disasters are things a like train wrecks or airplane crashes or fires, such as those in LA that were set by arsonists.

How do you prevent natural disasters?

You can't. That's why they are called natural disasters not man-made ones

How do you prevent common man made disasters?


How can you solve the problem of man made disasters?


What are man made disasters of travel?

Since the Obama administration began, terrorism has been renamed "Man made disasters." So, to answer your question any attack against people traveling by car, airplane, train or ship etc. would be defined as man made disasters of travel.

What are the causes of man made disasters?

Lack of education, ignoring small accidents, human error, sabotage, invention of poisonous gases, and pollution are causes of man made disasters.

What causes a lot of damage?

Natural disasters such as extreme weather and earthquakes, man made disasters such as war.

Conclusion on natural and man made disasters?

it is very dangerous