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How many kinds of man made disasters are there?

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2008-08-09 21:22:40

They are numerous examples among which are: * Love Canal *

Salton Sea * Sand Creek Massacre * The Crusades * Prohibition *

Slavery * The Holocaust * The Love Canal * The Exxon Valdez *

Chernobyl * Three Mile Island * Hiroshima and Nagasaki * Buffalo

Creek * Elections * Taxes * Depressions * Global warming and other

environmental concerns The types and kinds are not relevant, and

causation boils down to wealth, power control and the resultant

arrogance in every case. Some are ecological with an unknown long

term effect on planet earth, a few were put into place for a profit

motive, some in the name of religion, some out of predjudice and

bias, some because of lack of knowledge of technological

consequences and a few resulted from arrogance and stupidity

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