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How many men became president of the US without having been elected?

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There have been nine Presidents who did not win a presidential election before becoming President including four who won presidential elections after becoming President. The Vice Presidents who replaced the first four Presidents to die in office never won a presidential election. The Vice Presidents who replaced the other four Presidents who died in office won re-election at the ends of the terms in which they assumed office. Gerald Ford, however, was appointed to the vice presidency after Vice President Agnew resigned in 1973, and he ascended to the presidency when President Nixon resigned in 1974. He ran for re-election in 1976 but lost to Jimmy Carter, so he never won either a presidential election OR a vice-presidential election.

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Which person served as president of the US without having been elected as president or vice president?

Gerald Ford: he became president after Vice-President Spiro Agnew left office, and Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency rather than undergo impeachment.

Who was elected president in March 1797?

No one was elected president in March 1797. However, John Adams, the first Vice President of the United States became the second President of the United States in 1797 March after having been elected to the position in 1796.

Who was the first person to become president without having been elected as either president or vice president?

John Tyler was the first person to move up to president after being elected only as vice-president. Gerald Ford was appointed ( not elected) vice-president and moved up to President - he was the only to do that without being elected to either office. Gerald Ford. He was vice president however he was appointed vice president and not elected vice president. He did become president because he was "next in line".

What president was the only person to serve as both President and vice president and vice president without having been elected to either office?

Gerald Ford was named Vice President by Nixon to replace Spiro Agnew who resigned in shame. Then Gerald Ford became President when Nixon resigned in shame.

Who was elected president in 1970?

Nobody was elected president in 1970, because it wasn't an election year. Nixon was serving as president at the time, having been elected in 1968 (he was re-elected in 1972 also).

What president was elected after having first served as Vice President?

John AdamsThomas JeffersonMartin Van Buren*Theodore Roosevelt*Calvin Coolidge*Harry S. Truman*Lyndon Baines Johnson*Richard Milhous NixonGeorge Herbert Walker Bush* Became President before being elected President.Vice Presidents who became president but were not elected presidentJohn TylerMillard FillmoreAndrew JohnsonChester A. ArthurGerald Ford

Which us president was single when elected?

James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States. Well there was one other, Grover Cleveland was single when elected, he married while in the White House. Actually Chester Arthur was also single when he became president, his wife having died before he entered office.

What did the Southern States do when Abraham Lincoln was elected president?

They thought having Lincoln as president was bad

How many stars were on the flag when president Lincoln took office in 1861?

When Abraham Lincoln became President, the official American flag had 33 stars. Lincoln was America's 16th President, having been elected on March 4, 1861.

Did Calvin Coolidge win reelection in 1924.?

Coolidge was elected President in 1924. He was elected vice-president in 1920 and was the incumbent in 1924, having become president due to the death of Harding.

Who was the only man to serve as President without being elected to that office?

Gerald R. Ford served as both Vice President and later President of the United States of America without having been elected to either position. It came about partly because of the Watergate Scandal, but it originated from the resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew (for some other scandal) and Ford's being chosen as Agnew's replacement.

Who was president of the US in January 1914?

Woodrow Wilson was president in January of 1914, having been elected in 1912.

What job did Gerald Ford have before he was elected president?

President of the United States. President Ford was one of five US Presidents who reached the office without being elected. He succeeded Richard Nixon as President when Nixon resigned in disgrace, after having become Vice President when Spiro Agnew resigned in disgrace. (It was a bad couple of years for Republicans.) Ford was then elected to a term of his own. Before becoming Nixon's second Vice President, Mr. Ford was Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives and a Congressman from Michigan.

Who ran for president in 1954?

nobody. 1954 was not an election year in the US. Dwight Eisenhower was the President, having been elected in 1952.

Who was the first vice president to be elected president right after his vice presidential term?

John Adams was the first Vice-President to be elected President immediately after his Vice-Presidential Term. He was the second person to serve as President of the United Sates, having been Vice-President during the Administration of George Washington.

What led FDR run for president?

He was known to the national party , having run for Vice-president in 1920. He was elected to governor of New York and that inspired him to run for President.

How many years a Indian president can serve?

They can serve for Five Years before having to be re-elected.

Which president never won a presidential election?

President Gerald Ford served as president without having being elected. He took Spiro T. Agnew's place as vice president when he resigned. Ford then took the presidency when President Richard M. Nixon resigned. Ford lost his bid in the 1976 election to Jimmy Carter.

What are some important dates in Michelle Obama's life?

When her husband was selected president and she became first lady and her husband being again elected and walking in the parade in 2013. Of course also having her children with her and being girls

What President never won in a presidential election?

President Gerald Ford served as president without having being elected. He took Spiro T. Agnew's place as vice president when he resigned. Ford then took the presidency when President Richard M. Nixon resigned. Ford lost his bid in the 1976 election to Jimmy Carter.Ford

How did Barack Obama win?

he became president by having more votes than his opponents.

What where George Washington's accomplishments before he became president?

Having whole lot of properties

How long is Barack Obama's term as the president?

A president serves four years, and if he is re-elected, he may serve another four years. Mr. Obama was elected in 2008, and re-elected in 2012. Under the constitution, a president may not serve more than that, so when he term officially ends in January of 2017, he will no longer be president, having served eight years.

What was the only time in US history when both the President and Vice President were not elected to their offices?

From December 19, 1974 to January 20, 1977. Gerald Ford was President, Nelson Rockefeller was Vice President Congressman Gerald Ford was confirmed to become Vice President after the resignation of Spiro T. Agnew. When Richard Nixon likewise resigned the Presidency (August 9, 1974), Ford became the 38th President, the first not to have been elected in a national election. In December, Nelson Rockefeller became the second VP (after Ford) to be selected under the terms of the 25th Amendment. *Both Thomas Jefferson in 1801, and John Quincy Adams in 1825, were elected by the House of Representatives, the Electoral College having not produced a clear victor.

When was Andrew Johnson elected President?

Andrew Johnson was never elected President. He was elected President Lincoln's Vice-President and ascended to the presidency on April 15, 1865, following Lincoln's assassination. Having been a Democrat most of his political life and findng himself abandoned by the Republican party, he joined the reformed Democratic party and made an effort to get the nomination for a second term, but was unsuccessful. Several years later , he was elected as US Senator from TN.