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How many miles before changing timing belt on 2001 Audi A4 quattro 2.8?

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80.thousands miles

2010-08-04 17:42:42
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How many miles before replacing timing chain on 2005 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0?

It should be a timing belt and i believe Audi recommends every 105,000 miles, but... Replace it at 90,000 or sooner i have seen them fail well before 105,000

1996 gmc safari repair?


How many miles do you recommend before changing the timing belt on the 1995 Honda 4 cylinder?


How many miles before changing the timing chain on a 2011 Avalon?

Timing chains are designed to last the life of the engine. A timing belt however should be changed around 100K.

When do you change the timing belt on a 1999 Toyota RAV 4?

It is recommended at 90000 miles before major problems result from not changing it

How many miles before changing timing belt on 1999 ford escort?

120,000 miles , inspect and replace if necessary ( but I see another person has answered that their belt broke at 110,000 miles )

When does the timing belt in 2004 sequoia need changing?

The timing belt should be changed every 90,000 miles.

Can you go over 132000 miles before changing the timing belt on your 2000 Honda Odyssey?

According to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etcetera ) The 3.5 litre V6 engine in a 2000 Honda Odyssey is an INTERFERENCE ENGINE The recommended timing belt replacement is at ( 105,000 miles - normal , 60,000 miles severe ) * If the timing belt breaks you will have engine damage

On a 318i how many miles be for timing belt needs changing?

its a chain, never

When you must changing timing belt Honda Odyssey 2000?

105,000 miles.

How many mile before changing your timing belt on a 2007 ford focus?

Most Fords require timing belt replacement around 130,000 miles. Check your owner's manual for information specific to that model.

The Mileage for changing the timing belt for Nissan primera 2001 2.0td?

54000 miles

How important is changing the timing belt on your pt cruiser at 90 thousand miles?


At how many miles should you change the timing belt on a Mazda bongo?

at how many miles is it before you change your timing belt

What is the longest one can go before changing the timing belt in a Honda Odyssey?

Timing belts last about 70,000 miles. You should change the water pump while you're in there; Honda likes to drive them off the timing belt, they wear out about as fast as the timing belt does, and since you're in there anyway...

When does the timing belt on 1994 Nissan truck need to be changed?

Belt manufacturers recommend changing timing belts every 60,000 miles.

When to change a timing belt on an Audi A6 3.0 L?

Audi recomends changing timing belt and water pump at 110k miles.

How many miles till changing timing belt Audi A3?

Need the year to answer correctly.

Does a Kia Sedona have a timing belt or chain?

Timing belt do before 60000 miles very important.

How often does the timing belt need changing on a daewoo tacuma?

Every 4 years or 40,000 miles

Scenic 53 plat 1.9 dci when do your timing belt need changing?

every 60000 miles

Recommended changing of 1999 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder timing belt?

Maximum 90K miles.

How many miles on 2000 Chevy inpala before i need to change the timing belt?

timing belts need to be changed every 60k miles

How many miles before the timing belt has to be replaced in 2002 Lincoln ls with 160000 miles?

It has a timing chain. Should last the life of the car.

Do you need to change timing belt after 60000 miles on 2002 Passat?

Yes it should be changed around that point. Originally VW said 105,000 miles before changing it because the powertrain warranty was 10years/100,000 miles. Quite a few snapped at 95,000 so they dropped the longer warranty and changed the timing belt interval.