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How many miles is it between San Francisco CA and Dallas TX?


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It is only 1480 miles by air, but the necessary detours through the Rocky, Black, and/or Sierra Nevada mountains make the driving distance about 1750 miles.


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The distance between Dallas and Montreal is 1,513 miles.

Air distance from Dallas, Texas, to San Francisco, California, totals 1,484 miles. That equals 2,389 kilometers or 1,290 nautical miles.

The one in California is 1445 miles from Dallas.

The distance from Dallas to Huntsville is 156.1 Miles.

There are about 181 miles between Diboll, TX and Dallas, TX.

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There are 1,067 driving miles between Phoenix AZ and Dallas TX.

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Air miles between Dallas, Texas, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, total 862 miles. That is 1,388 kilometers or 749 nautical miles.

Air miles between Dallas, Texas, and Houston, Texas, total 225 miles. That is 362 kilometers or 195 nautical miles.

The distance in between Dallas Fort Worth and ATL is 729air miles.

The distance between Norfolk VA and Dallas TX is about 1,366 road miles.

The Fort Worth airport is 15 miles from Dallas.

The distance between Dallas, Texas and Kingston, Jamaica is 1608 miles (2588 km).

The distance between San Antonio, TX, and Dallas, TX, is 277 miles.

The distance from Dallas to Wichita Falls is 128.9 Miles.

There are 621 miles between The Dalles, Oregon and San Francisco, California.

That would be about 3,050 miles.

There are 8,734 miles (or about 14,055 kilometers) between Dallas, TX and Canberra, Australia.

There are several ways to get between San Francisco and Pacific Grove, which vary between 114 and 116 miles.

Approximately 50 miles between San Jose and San Francisco.

Air miles between Dallas, Texas, and Columbus, Georgia, total 689 miles. That is 1,108 kilometers or 598 nautical miles.

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