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Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution ( find the moles )

2.36 M NaCl = moles NaCl/5.08 Liters NaCl

= 12.0 moles

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That depends upon the concentration of the solution. If it is a 1 molar solution, then 2 ml contain .002 moles.

0,40 moles of sodium chloride contain 23,376 g.

23.3772 grams are there in four tenths moles of sodium chloride

There are 10 moles present in 585 g of sodium chloride.

Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution ( 22.0 ml = 0.022 Liters ) moles of solute = Molarity * Liters of solution Moles of NaCl = 0.500 M * 0.022 Liters = 0.011 moles of sodium chloride -------------------------------------------

This depends on the concentration of sodium chloride in water.

There are two moles of sodium ions in two moles of sodium chloride.

4 milliequivalents of sodium chloride solution is a solution having 0,2338 g in 1 L.

Molarity is moles/liter, so in order to find the moles of a substance in a given volume, simply multiply molarity with volume (in liters). n=M*V

20.67 grams NaCl (1mol NaCl/58.44 g NaCl) = 0.3537 moles of sodium chloride

Every formula unit of sodium chloride has one sodium atom. Therefore, there are 4.0 moles of sodium ions in 4.0 moles of NaCl.

molecular formula for sodium chloride = NaClIf the mole (n) for NaCl = 5.3 moles, then the mole of sodium (Na) = 5.3 moles as well. 1 to 1 ratio mass = moles X molar mass m = 5.3 x 22.9 = 121.37 grams of sodium in 5.3 moles of sodium chloride

0.40 moles NaCl (58.44 grams/1 mole NaCl) = 23 grams sodium chloride =================

4 gram molecular weights (moles): However many grams four moles* of the solute is. * Hint: four moles of sodium chloride weighs less than four moles of sucrose.

Sodium and chloride have fixed oxidation states. Sodium is Na+ and Chloride is Cl-. Their ratio is 1:1 (1 to 1). So in this particular compound, there is only one sodium ion and 1 x 2.5 = 2.5 moles (answer).

One gram of sodium chloride is equal to 0,017 mol.

100 g NaCl equal 1,711 moles.

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