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How many months of pregnancy is twenty four weeks?

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There are four weeks in one month. So the answer is six.

We average four weeks to make a month. That would make you six and half months pregnant.

One month is equal to four and a third weeks, so 29 weeks equals about six and two thirds months.

No once you are pregnant your periods will stop till you complete nine months.

Sixteen weeks is four months.

It will take you three to four months for your belly to show the sign.

It can take as little as four weeks, to up to twenty months. It varies with every single story.

No four weeks are a month (28-31days)

13 weeks is 3 months, four more weeks will be 4 months.

Two months. There are four weeks in a month.

YES! You can take pregnancy test after 4 weeks of conception.

At four months you would usually have to have a surgical abortion

8.25 months, assuming exactly four weeks per month.

About 32 weeks because about four weeks per month

After about four months of pregnancy.

There are 4 weeks in one month so 16 weeks is equal to four months.

Four months and one week.

A month is usually 4 weeks. So 35 weeks divided by four is eight months and three weeks.

you will no if your pregnant after 4 weeks by you have not come on your period

It would depend on the monthes, but four weeks times 10 is forty. There are basically forty weeks in 10 months.

Well there are about four weeks per month so divide 18 by four and it's about 4 and a half months. hope this helps

just starting your 6th month. 23-27th week is 6 months. Just like in any other month you don't get into the second week of January for example and change the month. You have four weeks roughly but keep in mind pregnancy terms are not the same as calendar terms. You're months are actually a little longer than four weeks each. Technically you are pregnant for 10 months not nine but since the weeks are divided differently its 9 months of being uncomfortable!

Well, let's see... There are 4 weeks to a month (for clinical purposes) and so, we divide 27 by four to come up with 6.75 months. Oftentimes, doctors will count weeks instead of months, simply because it is a more precise measure. The typical human gestation (pregnancy) period is 38 weeks, so you're about 71% of the way there.

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