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How many people signed the constituion?


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Could be as few as zero, depending on how the term "signed the constitution" is defined.

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39 people signed the Constitution

56 people signed the Declaration of Independance.

56 people signed the Declaration of Independence all together

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i know there is at least 18 amendments in the Constitution

Forty-one people signed the Mayflower Compact. All signers were males.

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The first of the Thirteen colonies to sign the constitution was the state of Deleware, the first state to be admitted into the Union. Many people critisize this because the first colony to be founded was Virginia by the British, but in terms of the US history, Delaware was the first state to rattify and sign the constituion. Hense its nickname "the first state"

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The first seven words of the preamble to the United States Constitution are, "We the people of the United States."

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56 people signed the Declaration. Check the link for a full list of signers.

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