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As many as you can do before resting on the ground.

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Q: How many push ups are in one set?
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How many push ups in one time?


How many push ups dose charlie bronson do?

How many push-ups can Charles Bronson do

Has any one ever set a record for doing the most push ups?

There are many different push-up records because there are different push-up styles (e.g., backhanded, knuckle, one arm, etc.) as well as different criteria (e.g., number of consecutive push-ups, number of push-ups in a time interval, etc.). For the traditional push-up, Minoru Yoshida holds the world record for the highest number of consecutive push-ups (10,507). Charles Servizio holds the world record for the highest number of push-ups in 24 hours (46,001).

How many push-ups can an average 22-year-old do?

Average is 17-29 push ups.

How many push ups should you do to loss some weight in one week?


How many push ups can Spider-Man do?

One less than Chuck Norris

How many push ups does it take to get a 4 pack?

You need a full exercise regimen not just one exercise. Push ups alone will not necessarily give you visible abdominal muscles.

How many push ups to build big arms and chest?

The logical answer here would be to do as many as you can. Obviously the more push ups you do the better.

How many push ups do you need to do?

it depends on how many you can do

What exercises help the skeleton?

The key would be to strengthen muscles. Muscles support bones.

Can girls do lots of push ups with one arm then switch to the other arm and do lots of push ups?

yes with practice :-)

How many push ups can a girl do to get an A?

God is the answer