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Personally, I try to run a couple miles every day, around 3-5. Occasionally I skip a day. This has given me muscular thighs and calves.

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Q: How many times a week do you need to exercise to get muscular thighs?
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What exercise can you do to loss weight on your thighs?

Their are many exercises that you can do to help you loose those flabby thighs. You will also want to combine these exercises with a good balanced diet that help keep your thighs slim and trim. Squats are a great exercise that you can do to help you loose weight on your thighs. If you really want to increase the effectiveness you can get you some dumbbells for the exercise. Lunges are great because you are isolating the thigh muscles. This exercise can also be done with or without dumbbells. I think that one of the most effective ways to loose those thighs is running and plenty of cardiovascular exercise. You will have much better success if you work out the entire body and not just "spot"treatment.

What is the definition for muscular endurance?

Muscular Endurance is the ability to use the voluntary muscles many times without getting tired.

How many times should a women exercise in a week?

At least 3 times a week especially aerobic exercise.

Which component of physical fitness enables you to lift a low weight barbell many times?

Muscular Endurance : NovaNet

How many times a day do you have have to exercise?

You should exercise more than twice a day

What is the difference between muscular endurance and muscular strength?

Muscular endurance is the ability to use the voluntary muscles many times without getting tired but muscular strength is the amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance.

How many times do you need aerobic exercise?

At least three times a week.

How many times a week should a person do cardio exercise?

Depends what you goals are, you sould aim to exercise 3-4 times a week.

How many times per week should you exercise and for how long?

Three times a week.

How many times a week should I exercise?

2-3 times a week for a beginer.

How many times a day should a human exercise?


How many chicken thighs would equal one pound?

The number of chicken thighs that would equal out to one pound will depend on the size of the thighs. On average, there are 5-6 thighs in a pound.

How many chicken thighs in one pound?

3 - 4 depending on the size of the thighs.

How many muscles are in a muscular system?

bantles of muscular in many muscles.

How many times per week should a person exercise?

Exercise is good for a person and everyone should do it. It makes you feel better and is better for your health. One should exercise at least three times a week.

What is muscular enduranance?

Basically muscular endurance is how many times you can use a muscle group before it tires out. Ex. when running the distance you can go before you're llegs tire.

How does a 13-year-old thin out her thighs without extreme dieting?

Don't worry too much about your thighs and be happy with who you are . But you can work out your thighs not to make them look 'thin' but more 'slim and muscular'. Try leg workoutssuch as squats, running, 'stairs' and many more that I don't know the names of (search it up). You can also join a gym or fitness class and try some yoga. Don't forget to EAT in proportion and healthy! Xox, Smartiiz.Exercise. Pilates and Yoga are great for the theighs. They are not to time consuming.I agree she should be happy! That's a great answer. swmming is a good exercise to to and slim as well. I found water arobics to work as well.If you eat sweets like gummy bears and gummy worms, those make your thighs fat immediately. Yes, the others were good answers to be happy with who you are and stuff, bit that doesn't make 13 year olds happier people. I know exactly how you feel, and I wish my thighs were skinny too.

What is the most effective piece of cardio exercise equipment?

Treadmills are the most effective cardio exercise equipment. They come with many different inclines and speeds. Cardio exercise improves the funstion of the heart, lungs and muscular endurance. If you enhance the speed and incline of the machine, it will really challenge you.

Why are your thighs big?

Thighs are where large muscles are, but they are also where many people (especially women) store fat in their bodies.

Muscular endurance in football?

It means the ability to use volutary musckes as many times without becomingtired or worn out

How many times a week should hamsters go in the exercise ball?

everyday. a hamster needs it's exercise a lot. I hope i helped.

How many chicken thighs will I need to feed 100 people?

2 thighs each - so 250 would be generous.

How can you shrink your thighs fast?

By doing exercises you can shrink your thighs as early as possible, in exercises cardio is the good choice to you. In cardio especially lungs and hamstring work well to reduce weight of legs. If you haven't any about lungs and hamstring, you can google for these exercise videos; you will have found so many videos regarding lungs and hamstring.

Are there any muscular girls from India?

Yes there are many muscular Indian girls.

How can you relate exercise with good health?

Regular moderate exercise is one activity that you can use to obtain and maintain good health. Exercise burns calories (which most people in developed countries consume too many of), improves muscular tone, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, improves mood and strengthens the skeletal system.