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As many times as a judge will issue a warrant for the residence to be searched. There may be grounds for harassment, but that issue would need to be taken up with a qualified attorney as to it's validity concerning the specific circumstances. Most attorney's offer free or minimal fee consultations. Or the person(s) involved could contact the ACLU for advice,

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Q: How many times in the state of Georgia can the law search your house with a warrant even though they have not found evidence of anything illegal?
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Is it illegal for the police to wire and tap your phone without warrant in Georgia?

It's illegal to do that anywhere!

Can you sue the FBI for a search warrant that was done in error?

No, but any evidence taken in an illegal search, or evidence taken that wasnt included on the warrant may not be used in court.

What does a cop need to get a warrant?

A cop needs evidence and probable cause to get a search warrant. Any searches done without a warrant are illegal and will get the cop reprimanded.

If the police broke into a person and home illegally to look for evidence that could be .?

To come into a home the police need a search warrant to search. Without the warrant the evidence is not admissible in court. It would be an illegal search.

What is concealment warrant for a vehicle in Georgia?

What is the proceedure for obtaining a concealment warrant in Georgia

Do you have a warrant in Georgia?


How do you clear warrant up in the state of Florida and Georgia?

How do you clear a warrant up in state of Florida and Georgia

Is it illegal to videotape someone doing drugs in their home?

It is illegal to video anything in someone's home without their knowledge and permission, unless you have court authority, such as with a warrant.

Will Georgia arrest you for an our of state warrant?

If the warrant is valid, you will be arrested.

When don't the police need a search warrant to seize evidence?

Most people believe that the police need a warrant to collect anything anywhere. But as long as the police officer has proable cause or a suspect gives consent to get a possible piece of evidence; they can collect anything. Another case is when there is an obvious, severe action being done. Otherwise, the police must always get a warrant from a judge to search or collect anything.

Is a search warrant valid with the wrong address for drugs in Ga?

No, not unless the error was found and corrected by the issuing judge or magistrate BEFORE the warrant was executed. If the warrant was served at the wrong address, anything found and seized could be excluded as evidence.

Evidence found by law enforcement that was not on a search warrant can?

The officer(s) can 'contain' and guard the newly discovered evidence in place while they return to court to amend their warrant or apply for a new warrant based on the newly discovered evidence.

What does seach and seizures mean by juvenile justice?

This just means they have a warrant to search what you have and to take anything they find incriminating as evidence. The warrant will likely have a scope, saying they can only look in certain places or only for certain types of evidence. So if they have a warrant to look for just a gun possibly used in a murder, they cannot seize a joint or a bag of dope.

What is the limitation for Georgia governors warrant?

once the warrant has been issued it is active forever

If police enter your home with a search warrant why would they then ask for consent to search?

If their search is conducted completely in conformance to the wording of the warrant they can only search for and seize what the warrant allows AND anything else which lies IN PLAIN SIGHT. If they obtain your consent to conduct a search, they may search ANYWHERE and seize ANYTHING they find that is of an unlawful, or illegal nature.

Is a warrant the same as a charge?

No, a warrant is not the same as a charge. A warrant means the authorities have enough evidence to indicate that further investigation is required or that it is reasonable that charges can be made. A warrant for arrest indicates that there is apparently enough evidence to bring charges and a judge agrees.

Can you get arrested in Georgia for a Florida warrant?


How long does a bench warrant last in Georgia?

Type your answer here... how long can someone in jail on a warrant

How specific must a search warrant be?

Very. This is why Detectives are taught to be broad in their interpretation of what they are looking for in the description in any warrant. They look for illegal drugs, not a small stash of pot. They also look for any other related items that might indicate drug-dealing, which means large sums of cash and guns. A search warrant for a person is typically just that, thay are looking for a person, and not anything else, although they can confiscate anything else illegal, if they see it.

Can police search cell phones for evidence without first needing a warrant?

Well, if the police department thinks that a cell phone may hold important evidence, then there is no need for a warrant. By the time the warrant is issued, the evidence may have been already destroyed or deleted.

What gives an argument warrant?

Supporting evidence

What does an argument have to have in order to have warrant?

Supporting evidence

Warrant for arrest issued but Why?

A warrant for arrest is issued through the court. The reasoning for the warrant being issued is for the illegal act committed by the criminal. The criminal commits an illegal act then the police department, sheriffs department, probation office, division of youth services, or juvenile office reports the illegal act to the court and the judge will or will not issue a warrant for the persons arrest.

If you have have a warrant in Georgia can kansas pull it up from there?

Yes, most states use a US warrant search.

Can a cop search your parked car without consent?

yes a cop has the responsibility to search a park vehicle if he has visible evidence that something illegal is present in your car. as for your home he has to have a warrant unless in the same case visible evidence is in plain sight..