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How many troops did both sides have?

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The United States had 500,000 servicemen "in country" in the Republic of South Vietnam at it's peak strength during the Vietnam War. 2,594,000 servicemen ultimately served "in country." 3,403,100 US servicemen served through South East Asia during the Vietnam War.

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What was the number of troops involved in both sides of the battle in the battle of Atlantic?

how many troops were involoved in both sides of the battle of Atlantic

How many pigs died in WW1?

A lot. Pigs were used to feed the troops on both sides. And there were many, many troops.

What is a name for a ceasefire in which troops of both sides stop fighting?

And armistice or a truce or a ceasefire are all terms for when troops on both sides agree to stop fighting.

How many british troops fought in the revolutionary war?

Estimates vary but in total there were proably about 250,000 troops mobilized on both sides in the English Revolution of 1688.

How many in military survived in world war 1?

About 55'692'800 troops in total survived the war on both sides combined

What did both sides realize about their troops after the battle of bull run?

they couldn't win

What changed the course of World War 1?

The entry of the US with fresh troops when the troops of both original sides were already exhausted.

What is the World War 1 term used when both sides are not advancing with their troops?


How many troops did William Duke of Normandy have?

William had 7,000 troops in his power. :)

How many troops were involved in the Falklands war on both sides?

The British casualties were 256 the Argentines lost about 1 000, mostly from the sinking of the Belgrano.

American armed conflict in which troops on both sides wore kepis?

The American civil war

How did the union and confederacy initially get troops for the civil war?

Both sides successfully called for volunteers

How many pages does Both Sides of Time have?

Both Sides of Time has 36 pages.

How many troops were lost in Vietnam war?

Counting all sides: millions.

In what American armed conflict did troops on both sides wear flat caps called kepis?

During the American Civil War many soldier wore kepis.

What is the American armed conflict in which troops on both sides wore flat caps called kepas?

civil war

How many troops died during the battle of Fredericksburg?

Thank you for visiting this website, but we don't seem to know the real answer of this very complex question. But be sure to know that the internet stuff is sometimes not true.About 1892 troops on both sides died.

How many men were at Operation Overlord on both sides?

At Operation Overlord, there were 1.452 million troops from the Allies and 380,000 men from Germany. The casualties were 226,000 for the Allies and 400,000 for the Germans.

Who is at fault for the Revolutionary War?

Both sides, both sides could have done many things different.

American armed conflict in which troops on both sides wore flat caps called kepis?

American civil war

What were the roles of the colonial and the british allies in he American revolution?

They would supply both sides with weapons, troops, and financial aid.

What were the philosophies of both sides?

many things

What does DMZ stand for in social studies?

DMZ stands for "De-militarized zone", in effect the area between South Korea and North Korea, where there are no troops, with troops massed at the edge on both sides.

What American armed conflict in which troops on both sides wore flat caps called kepis?

America 's Civil War

What game did the union during the civil war play that is very popular now?

The troops on both sides played a lot of baseball.