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Q: How many used cars were sold in the US in 2007?
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How many used cars sold annually in US?

Click the link.

How many used cars was sold in the US last year?


How many new cars sold in 2008 compared to used cars in 2008 R less expensive used cars selling?

ur gay

How many used cars were sold in 2005-2006?

i think it is about 19 million

Where could a 2007 Chevy Surburban be purchased?

a 2007 Chevy Surburban can be purchased at most used or new car shops such as chevy dealers or other used cars they can also be sold on craiglist as w3ell as a few other sites online that sell cars

Do cars have to be sold with an owners manual?

Brand new cars must have an owners manual when sold but used cars do not and more often than not there is no owners manual in a used car.

How many Toyota certified used cars must be sold for bronze level recognition?


Is Carmax a reliable company in which to purchase used cars?

Carmax is very reliable and many cars have been sold by them. This company is highly recommended and their used cars are very reliable and up to date.

How many used cars are sold each year?

I would not have a clue other than to say it is millions.

Do garages have to guarantee used cars when sold?

No. When you buy a vehicle "as is", you get it... as is.

Where are used Toyota Hiluxs sold?

Used Toyota Hiluxs are sold by various sources. There are plenty of car dealerships that sell used cars, in fact, some car dealerships only sell used cars!

Do you have used rental cars to be sold in Houston TX?

yes at many airports or you could go on and make it there

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