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How much are struts for a vw?

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2007-08-22 13:14:27

Check wirh your local auto supply house. 08-22-2007 - I just

bought a pair of front struts for my 1995 VW Cabrio and paid $59.95

each for them for a total of $132.11 including NC tax for the pair.

This was at Advance Auto Parts in eastern North Carolina. Their

catalog also showed Bilstein brand high performance struts for

about $300.00 each! The ones I bought are probably produced by an

OEM supplier, that is, it is produced as a stock replacement for

the original struts that came with the car when new and probably to

the same specifications. The price I paid is probably as low as can

be found. I do not know if re-manufactured units are available.

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