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In Texas most of the probation officer's pay comes from the state, it can start as little as 31,000 / year and maxes around 44000

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Q: How much do you make as a probation officer?
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How much money does a probation officer make monthly?

How much money does a Probation Officer make a month?

How much does a probation officer make in NJ?

$53,250 to about $73,710

How much does a juvenile probation officer make a month?


What are the duties of a probation officer?

it is a officer who make sure the people who get out on probation follow what they are supposed to do

How much do juvenile probation officer make per hour?

20 a hour

How much money does a probation officer make per hour?

Most probation officers will start out making close to $14 to $15 per hour. The more experience they have, the more money they will likely make. The pay of a probation officer will vary from State to State. The salary per year can be as high as $100,000

How much do probation officer get paid in California?


What is the difference between a probation officer and a parole officer?

A probation officer handles clients who are on probation. A parole officer handles people who are released on parole.

Can a juvenile probation officer make you sell your car?

Only if the court has ordered it as a condition of your probation. If they have, he can.

Probation officer range of average yearly earnings?

Depends on where you are located in the country. I'm in a small town in West Texas and have been a probation officer for 5 years now and only earning 34K per year. I work for the County. Federal Probation Officers make much more.

what is probation officer training for?

Probation Officer Training - Juvenile Probation Officer Training. Read the steps to become, degree requirements, and job description.

Can you dispute probation officer's allegations about not following probation rules?

Yes you can. If you are surrendered by your probation officer for violations you have the right to a probation surrender hearing were you have the right to deny the allegations put forward by the probation office/officer and provide evidence on your behalf. The burden of proof is on the probation officer.

If a probation officer has a probationer falsely detained and jailed are there consequences for the probation officer?

i would like to know if a probabtion officer has a probationer falsely detained and jaile dare there consequences for the probation officer? and if not how can we report information on a probation officer legally?

Where can one go to learn how to become a probation officer?

The Probation Officer Info website offers information on how one can become a probation officer. Wikihow has a six step guide on achieving a job as a probation officer.

How much education must a probation officer have?

Graduation At least

How much power does a probation officer have?

Depends on what state they work in.

What is the advantages for a probation officer?

What advantages does one get from becoming a probation officer?

Do you get a probation officer assigned before or after court?

After. A person is not on probation until they are sentenced to probation by the Court. Why would they get a probation officer until they are sentenced?

How much does a federal probation officer make?

Starting annual salary for a line officer is approximately $40,000 and can rise up to $80,000. Senior officers and supervisors can earn over $100,000.

Do you have to pay the probation officer if you are on Supervised Probation?

You do not have to pay any probation officer directly. You do most likely have to pay probation supervision fees, however. These payments are NOT made to your probation officer but usually to the clerk's office of your sentencing court.

Can the policie call your probation officer to tell him that you are making a complaint on another police?

I am interpreting your question to mean, "Can the police notify your probation officer that you are making a complaint against a police officer?" The answer is "yes." The police can make contact with your probation officer at any time, for any reason, and convey any information they care to disclose.

If you went to jail and you were on probation could your probation officer give you a warning?

Yes, your Probation Officer can certainly warn you if you have violated the conditions of your probation. He can also return you to jail.

How much does college cost to become a probation officer?

Tuition for a probation officer may differ depending on where they go to school. Tuition can cost at least $30,000 for a 2 year degree.

How much will it cost to go to school to become a probation officer?

To go to school to become a probation officer, it will cost around $10,000. This varies depending on what classes you take, or if you go to an academy.

Can a probation officer lift a hold on you if you are in jail with new charges but not yet convicted?

If it is the probation officer's warrant then yes, but they probably will not. If it is the judge's warrant the probation officer cannot.