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Less than a hundred dollars!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-23 13:40:15
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Q: How much does the dealership usually charge you for a cigarette burn in the backseat when you return a leased car?
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What is a dealership fee when buying a used car?

A dealership fee is usually known as a Documentary Fee or Doc Fee. It also depends on the dealership. We only charge a Doc Fee where other dealers may have other fees that they charge for and assign them a different name.

Will cell phone charge if car is off?

Usually, but not in all cases the power point and cigarette lighters in cars will work when the key is off, check yours to make sure, if you have the use of either then it will charge.

Can you charge a phone in a cigarette lighter?

If you are talking about a car's cigarette lighter then yes if you have the proper phone adapter/charger.

Where can you get thr radio code for a 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse without paying nothing?

Remove your radio, get the serial number and call the dealership, they won't charge for the code they usually charge to remove the CD player to find the serial number.

How can you recode the key fob after battery replacement Ford Mondeo 1996?

i had my fob recoded today by a ford dealership and was charged £15 i justwent to a ford dealership and a very nice man came out and did it for me no charge i justwent to a ford dealership and a very nice man came out and did it for me no charge

How do you charge battery on S320 when trunk is locked?

Through the cigarette lighter.

How do you program the remote to an 01 LS?

Unfortunately it can't be done, the 00-02 requires special equipment, The Lincoln dealership usually (NOT ALWAYS) does it for free, a lock-smith will charge.

What units can be used to measure charge?

Electric charge is usually measured in Coloumbs.Electric charge is usually measured in Coloumbs.Electric charge is usually measured in Coloumbs.Electric charge is usually measured in Coloumbs.

How long does it take to charge an e-cigarette?

chinacharge ang electronic cigarette hanggang sa walong oras o 8 hours kung hindi namn hntayng mag kulay berde ang kulay ng charger at doon malalamn kung full charge na ang iyong electronic cigarette

How much does a Ford dealership charge for labor?

In CT USA, it is about $118 hour.

Where can I get a diagram of a 2000 dodge Durango under carriage?

Most dealerships have what you need.If you know anyone or are a very good customer at a dodge dealership they will usually let you look at them free of charge

How can you charge portable GPS in your 1997 Acura TL?

Plug it into the cigarette lighter.

Why was in incident involving a Sydney taxi driver in the news last week?

He continued to charge a customer who had fallen asleep in the backseat rather then waking him

How do you charge gps without cigarette lighter?

you can purchase an adapter that plug into a standard wall outlet that has the "cigarette lighter" piece to plug any car accessories into

Are there any incentives when buying a dodge nitro?

The incentives on buying a dodge nitro are exclusive to each and every dodge dealership because the individual dealership is in charge of choosing which and when they offer deals and to what degree they offer each incentive also. But usually interest free financing is a typical incentive at all times.

What is the average cost of a brake job?

Brake jobs range widely in price depending on what you are getting done and who you will have service you. You may want to take it to the dealership, but they usually charge more than at a local garage.

How do you charge a ds without plugging it in the wall?

You can buy charging adapters to charge it in the car with you cigarette lighter or power outlet or an adapter to charge it by plugging it into the USB port on your computer

What gadgets can you charge in your car through a cigarette lighter?

you can charge: cell phones portable DVD players anything that comes with a car charger

What is the Dealership Charge to replace Infiniti G-35 coupe spark plugs?


How do you get free radio code for 2003 Chevy Avalanche?

if its your vehicle take it to the dealership they will do it free of charge

Where could one go to have body work done on their auto?

One can go to their local car dealership to have body work done on their auto. The dealerships usually charge more, however. Another place to look is at local small auto shops, which are usually cheaper.

Where can you find a wiring diagram of the power mirrors on a 1993 Chevy S-10?

Go to your local Chevy Dealership and parts should be able to print you a diagram from Al Data. They usually don't charge

What is a destination charge?

All new cars include a destination charge. This charge covers the cost of transporting the vehicle from the manufacturing plant to the car dealership, a fee the consumer almost always pays.

How do you program keyless entry on a 2005 Hyundai tiburon?

Go to a dealership. If you bought the keypad from someone other than the dealership, they'll charge a fee to do it. However, if you buy a keyless entry keypad from the dealership, then they'll do it for free. This is one way I know of that I used.

Where is the keypad code for a 2002 sport trac?

Take your vehicle into any dealership and they will retrieve it for you, usually without charge. Ask first. If they do attempt to charge then go to ANOTHER DEALER and tell them your disatisfaction story about the other dealer and they will be more than glad to accomodate you.It may still be in your book if you still have it.