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How much freon does a 1992 Lincoln Town Car take after the compressor is replaced when it does not say on the compressor?


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2015-07-15 19:53:51
2015-07-15 19:53:51

Your 1992 Lincoln Town Car takes 2.5 pounds of R-12 refrigerant or 2.75 pounds R-134 (if system converted)


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Either low on freon or the low pressure switch is bad. You are gonna have to put a set of gauges on it. Usually this happens when the freon leaks out of the system. If there is not enough freon in the system, the low pressure switch keeps the compressor from coming on and being burned up.

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you can use a 1989 thru 1992 ac compressor in 1993 they went to 134a freon so they ar different.

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It turns out that if there is no freon in the system, the computer puts out errors which in turn shut off the power to AC. Refill the freon and clear the errors either by tech or diconnect the batter for few minutes :) Learnin the hard way

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You will have to figure out why: This the 90% of the time failur: Is there Freon in the system, if there is not a minimum pressure, usually 17 PSI, the compressor will not run. Is the compressor and clutch capable of working? Is the fuse in good shape.

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Was the proper amount fo oil installed in the compressor and accumulator when they were replaced? That is the reason ,I, as a repair shop owner will NOT use a remanufactured compressor.

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