How much ground beef would you need to feed 100 people?

Uncle Sam says one serving of round beef is 3 ounces. At that rate, you need 18.75 pounds.

In the 1950s and 1960s, McDonald's only had one patty, and you could order a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a double hamburger or a double cheeseburger. Their patties were 1.6 ounces, and they promoted the "All-American Meal" consisting of two hamburgers, a serving of fries (which is now a "small" fries) and a shake "and change back from your dollar". Burgers were 15c, fries were 12c and a shake was 20c.''

While 1,6 ounces (10 patties per pound) seems quite small, White Castle patties were half that size - 20 per pound, or 0.8 ounces each. And White Castle sliders include organ meat, instead of strictly being muscle tissue burgers like NcDonald's used (and uses.)

If you are feeding your crowd potatoes and milkshakes (which are filling as well as nutritious), two McBurgers is reasonable; Dad may eat a little more, but a first-grader is going to eat one (or even less) At that rate, you would need 20 pounds to feed 100.

Of, instead a church picnic, you're feeding Marines who've been building sandbag dikes for flood control, you'll need more beef. If you served Bob's (also historically known as Frisch's, Elias Bros, Azar's, Shoney's although the number of franchises has dropped off) Big Boy "gourmet burgers", they moight average 2 or 3 sandwiches each - and their patties are 8 ounces (1/2 pound),

But you didn't mention anything about sandwiches. Twenty pounds ought to be enough if you're making an entree with beef, such as chili, or a casserole with fresh vegetables, something with more flavor and mouth-feel than just boring hamburgers. Chewing your food fills you up more than inhaling it. That's why "chicken fried steak" was invented - the breading and the gravy let skimpy beef portions fo the trick when beef was in short supply, and it's still being scarfed down today, because, let's face it, no meal's a failure if it includes really good gravy.

And if you're serving biscuits and hamburger gravy, that 20 pounds of ground chuck is going to make some really meaty gravy.