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About 20HP. You can really feel the change. Recommended to reset the ECU after install.

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Q: How much horse power can you gain by installing an srtecu intake on your 2001 Lexus gs 300 does any one know?
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How much horse power does a 2004 Mazda rx8 gain with an aem cold air intake?

idk exact specifics, but after installing mine there is a definite notice in increased hp. i strongly suggest the cold air intake.

How much horse power does a Lexus is 300 have?

215HP Stock

How much horse power does a Lexus gs300 have?

221 horsepower

Will installing a Banks Exhaust System increase the noise output?

It is possible to add more horse power to your truck without added noise. One popular way of doing this is by installing a cold-air intake system. This a low cost way of getting the effect of a more "powered-up truck".

How much horse power does your 99 Lexus gs 400 have?


What does cold air intake systems different than a stock air intake on vehicles?

A cold air intake will increase your horse power

Why do you have loss of horse power on your jet ski?

Your intake is probably clogged.

How can i get easy horse power out of a vortec 350?

get a programmer ,cold air intake

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What is it the 0-60 times for the 2009 Lexus is350?

3.5 litter 305 horse power o-60 5.8

What is the price range of a Lexus IS 350?

To purchase a new Lexus IS350 the price range is between $40,320 and $46,890. It has a 3.5 liter 6 cylinder engine, uses direct fuel injection and 306 horse power.

How much horse power will a 1998 Honda civic LX have with a cold air intake?

A quality made cold air intake system will add around 5 h.p.

What will give your Chevy 3800 engine more horse power?

Intake/exhaust/programmer can give you-10hp-20hp. Anymore you need a cam /intake and or supercharger/turbo/nitrous.

How many horse power does a kn cold air intake add?

between 25-50 horses

How much horsepower will you get if you add cold air intake on your v6 camaro?

you will get an extra 2 or 3 horse.

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How do you get 500 horse power out of a 350 Chevy motor?

buy a blower intake (prefer 6-71). then buy 6-71 blower, and accesories. change your stock intake put on blower and check pulley ratio to reach 500 horse from the horse your now running stock. Might help to change to alum. heads but if you dont run to much boost you will be fine

How much horsepower will you gain with a cold air intake system on a 2006 Pontiac GTO?

5 or 10 horse.

How do you get more torque?

lower gears you can also add an new intake which will give your 10-20 more horse powers

How much horse power will a Honda civic 1990 lx have if a you put a cold air intake and racing headers?

Not Much!

How much horse power do you get with a cold air intake in a 2000 eclipse?

500 horsepower, 670 with the brand sticker on the fender

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