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The V8 was a 5.7L LT1 that produced 275 hp and 325 lb-ft torque.

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Q: How much hp comes in a 1995 firebird trans am?
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How much horsepower in a 1995 Pontiac firebird?

275 with the V8

How much horsepower does a 1995 Pontiac firebird with a 3.4l engine have?

160 hp

How much mpg does a 19 96 firebird get?

My 1995 Firebird gets close to 25-35 MPG so yours should get something like that.

How much hp does a stock 1995 LT1 firebird make?

The 1994 LT1 makes 275HP, while the 1995 LT1 makes 285HP stock.

How much horse power dose a 1995 ws6 trans am have?

It has 0 horse power

How much HP comes stock in a 1991 Pontiac Firebird?

I think you can find that out on googles Ilooked it up once

How much would a transmission cost for a 1995 Pontiac trans am?

If it's an automatic your looking at $2,500 installed.

How much time does it take to change a fuel pump in a Firebird?

what year firebird?

What is he difference between a 1995 Pontiac Firebird and a Formula?

a firebird is a different tranny and engineand formula is the engine and tranny of a trans am in a firebird bodyTruebut this is how it really is firebird was the oringinal car made then in i think it was 69 the ta cam around looked more sporty.A ta has honeycombed tail lightsa formula and a ta are pretty much the same car TAs have and open wing formulas don'tbasicly formulas have a 5.7 liter compared to the smaller 3.8 3.4 3.1 2.8Lt1 formula 93-95=275hp 96-97=285Ls1 formula 305 with ram air 325

How much miles per gallon does a 1995 firebird get?

On average about 20 miles per gallon. Give or take depending on city driving compared to highway.

How much does a 2009 firebird cost?

Don't cost anything because there is no such thing as a 2009 Firebird

Subframes from camaro firebird nova do they interchange?

camero and firebird are identical. parts of the nova can but not much

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