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About 14% of the surface area.

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Q: How much land was stripped from Germany by the Treaty of Versailles?
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What did Germany want from the treaty of Versailles?

Germany wanted to not be blamed for the war by the Treaty of Versailles. In addition, they didn't want to lose land. Germany felt that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair toward them.

How did the Treaty of Versailles divide Germany?

The Treaty of Versailles took away about 25,000 square miles of land and 7,000,000 people from Germany. Additionally, Germany had to return the territories it gained under the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

What did the treaty of Versailles include?

The Treaty of Versailles included Germany having to take full blame for starting the war, and Germany had to pay for everything they damaged. Germany also lost a lot of land.

Who got the land Germany lost in the treaty of versailles?

Poland and Czechoslovakia revceived the land taken from Germany after the war.

How much percentage of land did Germany loose?

How much percentage of land did Germany loose as a result of the treaty of versailles

What did the Treaty of Versailles strip the country of Germany of?

All the land Germany had taken was given back.

How did the map of Europe differ from the treaty of versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty signed at the end of World War 1. The map of Europe differed due to the treaty, as land was taken from Germany.

Did Japan sign the Treaty of Versailles?

Yes. The treaty awarded them all the land Germany had controlled in Asia and the Pacific.

What was put into the Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles was what ended World War I. The document placed all of the blame on Germany, even though Austria-Hungary started the war. The Treaty took most of Germany's army, took a good chunk of Germany's land, and actually triggered a significant economic depression in Germany. The Treaty of Versailles was what ultimately lead to World War II.

What was the Treaty of Versailles 1918?

The Treaty of Versailles was a war ending treaty in which Germany agreed that they had to take blame for the war, the had to give up land, they had to demilitarize, and they had to pay war reperations to the Allied countries.

What are the conditions within the Treaty of Versailles?

Basically the Treaty of Versailles lamed Germany for the war, requires Germany to pay reperations, and makes Germany and other countries give up land. It was about the worse peace treaty ever since it made the conditions for World War II.

How did the treaty of Versailles effect Germany?

The Treaty of the Versailles affect Germany by taking away German land in Europe, its colonies in Africa and the Pacific. It also limits the size of Germany's armed forces. It also placed all the blame for the war on them.

What is the treaty name for the treaty signed by England and Germany for Germany not to be allowed to have armed forces and they where forced to give up land.?

Treaty of Versailles, I'm pretty sure that, that's what it called!!

What treaty broke up the ottoman empire?

Numerous treaties broke up the Ottoman Empire. The most famous and which stripped the empire of the most land was the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

Why was the Treaty of Versailles harsh on Germany?

It made Germany pay for everything in France and let the British occupy some of Germany's land. This led to WW2.

How was the Treaty of Versailles broken?

First of all, the Treaty of Versailles punished Germany. Germany had to pay off the War debts (of WWI), give back the land they had taken, get rid of weapons, and have no active army. Also, the treaty created peace. Germany broke the treaty by preparing an army, manufacturing weapons, and, of course, attacking the countries of Europe.

How did Hitler defy western democracies by violating the Treaty of Versailles?

He took more land and grew Germany's army larger then the treaty limited them to.

How much land did Germany loose in the treaty of Versailles?

12% including the German people who lived there and resources.

What did Italy gain from the treaty of Versailles?

Italy did not gain anything from the Treaty of Versailles. Italy wanted money and land, however, when they changed sides from Germany to the Allies in the middle of the war, there were not able to received what they hoped.

What country did the treaty of Versailles affect most and why?

Germany, because it put the blame on them. Also Germany lost a lot of land, and weren't allowed to build up their military due to the treaty.

What problems did germany face after the treaty of versailles?

Poverty, Failing Government, Money was Worthless, Reduction of Land, Unemployment.

What are the 5w's of the Treaty of Versailles?

Who: The Allied leaders, Germany What: Treaty of Versailles When: Signing on November 11, 1919 Where: Versailles, France Why: To keep Germany from starting another war, for Germany to pay war reparations, give back land, reduce military. take blame for WWI

What impact did the war reparations from the treaty of Versailles have on Germanys economy?

the reparations of the Versailles treaty affected Germany because the treaty took away their land which was used to produce goods.And goods= money. the people were starving because Germany had to pay the allies and Germany lost all of its foreign colonies which again caused huge money losses.

How was the Treaty of Versailles the best peace possible?

The ones that won didn't have to pay. Germany had to repay the winners to repair their land that was destroyed. They destroyed Germany with all the paying. They all agreed to peace treaty even Germany, they had to.

Why was the treaty of Versailles so harshy on Germany?

The Treaty of Versailles was harsh against Germany because the victors wanted to punish Germany for being the cause of World War I. It was this harshness that Adolf Hitler used to partly justify beginning World War II - that and his desire to regain land taken away from Germany.

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