How much sales tax will you pay on a new car purchased in California?

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State is now 8% but it could be more depending on where you buy it. Different cities/counties add to the basic tax. Some places are nearly 10%. Our registration fees have now doubled too, so if you get a new car think of that. My Pruis will now run me 250.00 for a 5 year old car this is up from the 174.00 I paid this year.
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Do you have to pay sales tax when purchasing a used car from a private party seller in California?

Sales Tax . No you do not. Sales tax is what businesses use to pay to the state. It's the "state's share" on a taxable item. A private party seller is not a business, so legally they cannot charge a sales tax. For example they cannot sell a car for $2,000 plus tax. However, you WILL have to pay a ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay sales tax when purchasing a used car from a private party seller in Texas?

Absolutely, although the process is slightly different than in a normal transaction in it is collected when you register or title the vehicle. If the amount you claim the purchase was for is different than the "Presumptive" amount that the state has determined its value as, you will be cha ( Full Answer )

In Illinois do you have to pay sales tax when purchasing a used car from a private seller?

Yes. You must pay sales tax whenever you purchase a vehicle, no matter who you bought it from. If you buy from a dealer, the dealer will collect the sales tax then. If you get the car from a private individual, though, you'll need to pay sales tax when you first register the vehicle . Even if the c ( Full Answer )

Do you pay sales tax if you buy a car in California with a Oregon driver license?

Answer. I'm not American but I would assume that tax laws in the States are the same as in Canada where I live. It doesn't matter what state you buy your car in, if you have a license from another state, you will still have to pay whatever taxes there are in the State where you purchase your car.. ( Full Answer )

What sales tax do i have to pay for a car?

Probably the total price you paid for the vehicle - less the value of any trade multiplied by the tax percentage of your state: Example. $20,000 vehicle minus $5,000 trade value = $15,000 X 5% = $750.00 tax

Where do you pay car sale tax?

If you purchased the car from a dealership, the dealer collects it from you and pays it. If you purchased the car from a private owner, the county courthouse will collect it from you when you get it tagged and titled.

Do canadians have to pay California vehicle sales tax when purchasing a used vehicle from a dealership?

I had a dealer tell me they have to charge the tax, but I looked here: Purchases for Use Outside California . A purchaser is not required to pay California use tax if the only use of the property purchased in California is to remove it from the state and ( Full Answer )

What sale tax rate do you pay for A NEW CAR?

In general you pay sales tax in the state where you live, not the state where the car was purchased. Thus, you cannot avoid paying sales tax on a car by going to a no-tax state like Delaware as your state of residence will require the tax to be paid before you can register it.

Does a California non profit museum pay sales tax for purchases in new york?

If the purchase is online or by catalog you are subject only to tax from you're state. If your organization has a 501(c)3 status you may give the purchasing company your tax exempt ID number if they require it. As sales tax is a state institution unless that state has an agreement with another sta ( Full Answer )

If you live in tax-free New Hampshire and purchase a car in Massachusetts do you have to pay Massachusetts sales taxes?

From the Motor Vehicle Sales & Use Tax section at Motor Vehicle Purchases in Massachusetts by Nonresidents: If a nonresident of Massachusetts purchases a motor vehicle in Massachusetts and takes title to and/or possession of the vehicle in Massachusetts, the sale is subject t ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay sales tax to register your car in California if you bought it in Oregon?

My wife went through this today. We purchased the car in New Mexico and paid sales tax there. We are not in California and she went to register her car and was charged almost $1500.00. They claimed that this was the difference between the sales tax paid in New Mexico and what she would have paid in ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay sales tax when purchasing a used car from a private party seller in NEW YORK?

Yes. When buying a car from a private seller, the purchaser should get a signed bill of sale from the seller, which includes the sale price and identifying information about the vehicle, including the Vehicle Information Number. The purchaser then reports the sale price when registering and titling ( Full Answer )

Would you be required to pay California sales tax on a new car purchase if you are a Utah resident?

No. California might try to force you to, but you are technically required only to pay the sales tax of the state in which you are a resident. This is a common issue on the Washington-Oregon border. Washington has no income tax. Oregon has no sales tax. Washington residents near the border oft ( Full Answer )

How much is sales tax for cars in California?

Depending where the car is purchased and registered. Cities, counties have different tax bases. If you purchase a car in Tracy (8.750%) or Tahoe City (8.250%) and registered the car in Pleasanton (9.750%) or Oakland (9.750%) DMV would charge the additional monies.

Do you pay sales tax on a car if it is a gift in new york?

you will have to pay the sales tax on the vehicle . if the gift giver doen't right the sale price dmv will charge for what the car books out for. so wht you want to due is have the bill of sale with a price on it for say 1000 so you only pay tax on the selling price. Yes You use form DTF 802 and yo ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay sales tax on a car purchase in ma if you are legally blind?

No. See MGL C. 60A, section 1: The excise imposed by this section shall not apply to a motor vehicle owned and registered by a veteran, as defined in section 7 of chapter 4, who according to the records of the United States Veterans Administration, by reason of service in the armed forces of the ( Full Answer )

Do i need to pay car sales tax in California buying from a private?

Yes, but it is called as 'used tax'. "Use tax is generally imposed on the purchaser of tangible personal property that is used, consumed, or stored in this state. Sales of vehicles, vessels, and aircraft by licensed dealers are usually subject to sales tax, for which sales tax reimbursement is colle ( Full Answer )

If you buy a car in California and live in Washington where do you pay sales tax?

I asked Dept. of Licensing in WA and got this answer: If you pay 8.5 % sales tax in CA, then you owe the incremental difference in WA use tax (additional 1 % for Seattle.) CA insists on dealers collecting the CA sales tax for any car picked up in CA regardless of where the buyer is from... some de ( Full Answer )

Do you pay sales tax purchasing a used car in Tennessee?

Yes, there is a sales tax on cars in TN. If you purchase your car from a licensed dealer, they will collect the sales tax but if you purchased your car from an individual you will be responsible for the tax when you register your car in your county.

How much is the sales tax for a new car?

well you need to calculate the average of the tax amount so say the price was 35,000.59 so say the tax was 20.00 so 35,020.59 would be the price in total.

When do you pay the sales tax when buying a new car?

The sales tax can be paid to the dealer when purchasing a new car, and is usually factored into the total dollar amount that you give to the dealer before driving your new car off the showroom floor.

Do you pay sales tax in new jersey for used car?

Yes, when you register it, the tax is collected by the MVD. If you trade a car in (at dealer) the value of trade in may reduce the amount the taxable sale is calculated on.

Do you have to pay sale tax if you buy a new car in Oklahoma?

By state law, only the seller/retailer has to pay the sales tax, not the consumer. ans The above is not just wrong, but even sort of crazy. There actually isn't a "sales tax", it is called an excise tax. Cars are subject to this sales tax (regardless of what you wan to call it), just li ( Full Answer )

How much taxes do you pay if i sale a car in NC?

If it is a private sale between two individuals then you shouldn't have to report it on your income taxes at all. If you have used it in business or taken business mileage deductions then you probably will have to report the sale on your tax return. You will use the Sale of Business Assets Form and ( Full Answer )