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Depends on what is wrong. If it just needs new pads or shoes, it is definalty worth fixing if the car is in decent shape. Should be able to get it done for $100 to $150 provided you do not need new caliper or wheel cylinders.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:15:21
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Q: How much should it cost to repair the brakes on a 92 Honda Accord and with 150K miles is it worth the expense?
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How do you change the brakes?


Why should I repair my front brakes?

If you don't repair your front brakes, your back brakes will wear down faster. This will cost you more money in the long run. It's probably important to have all your brakes working.

Should I quiz students on car repair brakes?

Yes, of course you should! If your pupils know nothing of car repair brakes and are aspiring mechanics, I personally don't see them as very successful in their careers. It's an essential to quiz them on that!

How do you adjust front brakes on mountain bike? or should tell you how.

How much should it cost to repair an axle of a 1999 Honda Accord?

$1 000 000 Dollars

What parts need to be replaced for a good and thorough brake repair?

To thoroughly replace and repair brakes, one must replace the brake light wiring, brake pads, and brake calipers. Furthermore, one should reline the brakes.

How do you repair a 1992 Dodge Caravan when the brakes lock up and the brake light stays on?

The dealer will know how to access the codes for the brakes. When that is fixed it should not lock up then.

How much should a brake repair cost for a 2006 Infiniti G35?

If the the brakes replace from a dealer for the front brakes including re-surfacing the rotor disc is.......$420.00

Had the transmission seals replaced on 99 accord ex yet continue to get small drops of fluid on garage floor What can I do?

Return to repair shop- if reputable should repair correctly

Would you like me to repair your car's brakes for you or would you like to buy a book that teaches you how to repair them yourself ?

it sounds like you should try and get the book if you want to learn it yourself in the long run its fun to repair your own car unless you don't have time you should get someone to repair that for you

Replacing front rotors on a Honda accord 1999?

take brakes off and calipers off, next rotors should come off easily.

How do you replace front disc brakes of a 1996 Mercury Villager?

It would be to your advantage to take your car to a Brake Repair Shop if you have to ask that question brakes are not something you should do if you do not have the skill, WBMS

What auto repair shop offers the best brake job?

If you are looking for an auto repair shop that offers the best brake job because your son needs the brakes in his car replaced, then you should check out Auto Repair.

When I use my brakes at all but slow speeds below 20 I experience wheel shakes on my 1995 Honda accord?

Rotors out of round - should be resurfaced or replaced

How do you fix the damage airbag of honda accord lx.?

Due to the inherent danger of working on the SRS this is a repair that should be done only by a professional.

Can I repair my brakes at home or should I take them to a shop?

Well you can never do it with perfection when you have not gone through training . So the answer is no it will be better giving it to a shop

How much will it cost to replace new brakes for 1998 Toyota?

It would probably cost at least $200. You should ask your local repair shop to specifically find out how much it would be to replace the brakes in your Toyota.

How many hours should a clutch repair take on an 88 Honda Accord LX?

depending on experience but i would say 3 to 4 hrs

How do you replace airbags on Honda Accord?

You don't. Working on the SRS is not a DIY repair. Due to the inherent danger of working on this system, this should be done by a professional.

ABS Repair?

form_title=ABS Repair form_header=The brake system should be kept in excellent condition. Has your ABS light showed up on your dash, signally a repair?= () Yes () No What types of problems are you having with your breaks?=_ Do the brakes chatter or squeal?= () Yes () No

How to rebuild a 1988 Honda Accord automatic transmission?

If you wish to learn how to rebuild a 1988 Honda Accord automatic transmission, then you should purchase Haynes Repair Manual, 1984 through 1989. You can buy this book at Autozone or

Restructuring charges be classified as an operating expense or as a nonoperating expense?

Should restructuring charges be classified as an operating expense or as a nonoperating expense?

How do you repair brakes that smoke on a 2002 Dodge Durango?

If you have to ask this question, you should not be working on brakes. You really should have experience in this area, because doing something in the wrong manner could be deadly for you or your passengers. Either find someone with experience or take it to a mechanic. I do a lot of work on my cars, however, I never mess with the brakes (personal opinion).

How do you repair a window off its track when the motor works on a two door 93 Accord?

take the door panal off and put it back on track, should be it.

What's the best brake repair shop in Denver?

There are several brake repair shops in the Denver area. You should find a shop that specialized in your make and model vehicle. There are also nationally known repair shops such as Midas, Just Brakes, and Mieneke in the Denver area.