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How much time in the state of Massachusetts do you have until your car is repossessed?


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Three months of non-payment

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Your option is to CALL the lender who had it repossessed and find out how much it will cost to get it back. Repossession is a matter between YOU and the LENDER. There is no state agency that oversees the process.

Susan, what state are you in?? Who was the lender?? Laws vary by state. Email if you need too. Thanks

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In ANY state, the FIRST call should be to the LENDER. They had it repoed, they will determine how much and when you get it back.

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Depends on the contract you signed and the state that you live in. Some states require a 15 or 20 day Right to Cure letter be sent to the debtor prior to repossession and some states allow the vehicle to be repossessed the day after you miss your payment.

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Just the same as if it was your car repossessed. Legally, you hold the same liability as the primary buyer.

every state is different so you might want to call your local courthouse.

The lender will tell you ASAP after the repo if you call and ask. Or they will send you letters stating the BALANCE due after the car is sold. Communications is the way to go.

The best place to buy repossessed homes is at property auctions. Properties can be picked up much below market price but its important to know what you are doing. There are many sites available containing information on property repossession or buying repossessed homes.

That depends on the laws of the state. In Massachusetts (and most states), 30 days.

What MUST be done is CONTACT the LENDER who repoed it. They determine who, what, when and HOW MUCH.

YES,, CALL the lender and find out HOW MUCH it will cost to do so.

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