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I have found that you can eat 3 meals a day and loose weight. Just eat smaller portions than what you usually would. Like instead of eating 2 tablespoons of patatos and 2 tablespoons of meat. Eat 1 tablespoon of each. That way you arent putting in more fat than you body can get rid of.

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Q: How much weight can you lose in one month by eating one meal a day?
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How much weight can you lose in one month eating one meal a day and throwing it up?

All of it.

Can eating yogurt after a meal help you to lose weight?

No, no, and no.

How much weight can you lose by eating 1 meal a day?


How how weight can you lose by not eating?

By not eating your body will store fat and calories, there fore you aren't doing anything but staying the same weight. Not eating isn't healthy. You just need to drink lots of water, go for a run, and eat healthy. Try eating a fruit of veggie with every meal. It worked for me and i lost 25 pounds in one month.

Is it true eating 1 fattening meal a week will help you lose weight?

No. You need to eat everything in moderation for it to be helpful.

If you eat one meal a day have put on weight and now want to lose weight by eating more meals will it help?

to lose weight you are best eating 5 really small meals a day and doing allot of exercise. and yes it will help with losing weight eating 1 meal a day isn't good cos if u are going to do that you have to keep it up forever if you don't, when u stop ur likely to gain it bak on because having 1 meal a day is like starving yourself

Can eating oranges after a fatty meal help to lose weight?

Yes it can becasue the citrus juices it contains fight off fat.

If you eat one meal a day and then vomit it up will you still lose weight?

You need to see a psychiatrist to be evaluated for an eating disorder.

Does fasting with one meal a day allow you to lose weight fast?

Unfortunately, no. In fact, the general concensus is that eating a large breakfast actually helps you lost weight.

Can not eating enough make you gain weight?

Yes. It slows down your metabolisim and, when you eat a full meal, it would make you gain more weight. That is why people who have a steady diet lose more weight

How can i lose weight by eating one meal per day?

You lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume. I wouldn't recommend eating only one meal a day- your body needs nutrients throughout the day to maintain constant energy levels. Instead, eat properly, eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full, and exercise regularly.

How much fat do you lose when you throw up after a meal?

Throwing up after a meal is a sign of the dangerous and potentially deadly eating disorder known as bulimia nervosa. It is a dangerous and not a good methos for weight loss.

Whats the best way for a 15-year old to lose weight before school starts?

the best way to lose weight for a 15-year old is to eat good.Not eating at night maybe one day a month ,like a frut,something like that.Doing exsercise will help alot,and trying to have your last meal like at 6.

How much weight do you lose in a week by eating one small meal a day?

Not much. Without breakfast the body does not receive enough protein resulting in a a slower calorie burning rate. Eating healthy and exercise are MUCH more efficient in losing weight then not eating at all.

Where can I find information on fast diet to lose weight?

Here of course because I have all the answers to your questions. If you lose weight, fast Diet You can start eating more vegetables and lower portion sizes buy a little and check your weight after each meal and hope for the best.

Can eating half portion sizes help to lose weight?

Long story short yes, you would be cutting your calorie intake by half, a 1000 calorie meal just became a 500 Calorie meal. creating a deficient of calories will lower your weight.

Can you gain weight with ensure plus?

if you use it as a meal replacement you will lose weight but if you drink it with every meal you will gain weight it's all about calories in - calories out get it !

Is there a free meal by meal weightloss plan?

In order to lose weight you must reduce your caloris intake and also exercise. More information about the free meal by meal weight loss plan is availabe at:

How much can you expect to lose in a month on the weight watchers diet plan?

Weight Watchers offers prepackaged meals. Monthly weight loss is different for each person. Depending on your meal portion control, and exercising routines.

You want to lose weight quick how can you?

exercise 30 minutes a day and eat healthy.....hope that helps and exercise before eating a meal to keep your metabolism going

How do you lose weight while eating junk?

You dont. Unless you do not eat all day, but have one junk meal for the hole day. this depends on what you eat in a normal day.

Can you lose weight eating just buckwheat?

No, you'd die from lack of nutrition. Losing weight is as easy as burning off what you consume. So, if you eat a big meal, don't lay around, take a walk.

Is meal replacement a healthy way to lose weight?

Yes, meal replacement is a healthy way to lose weight. There are many choices of meal replacement diets, so be sure to choose the right one for needs. If you follow the diet correctly, you are sure to get the nutrition you need while losing weight.

Can you get skinny by eating 1 meal a day?

Of course. When you decrease your calorie intake you will lose weight. But do be careful. Severe decrease in calories is very bad for many of your organs and your heart.

How many pounds could one lose per month on Lite N Easy?

How many pounds one could lose per month on Lite N Easy depends on the individual and the meal plan they choose. Those who are very overweight loose a lot of weight quite quickly when they start dieting whereas those who are only slightly overweight find it harder to lose those few pounds. They have a number of meal plans to follow and one can lose 5-10 pounds per month by following them.