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How much work is involved to replace the overdrive switch on a Hyundai?


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2007-04-26 21:20:26
2007-04-26 21:20:26

Are you assuming that your overdrive is not working? I have same problem, no indicator on dashboard to say overdrive is on or off and revs about 5000rpm at 70mph so I know overdrive is the problem. I will try to run a live feed to the one of the wires going to the overdrive switch. Does anyone know where fuse for O/D is??? Also clock flickers and interior ligh doesn't work if it's related????


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does the 2010 hyundai santa fe have an on off overdrive switch where is it located

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It is located on the gear shift handle.

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Could be the overdrive on/off switch, which is located on the gearshift handle. That's all the help I can give you, best of luck.

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If the vehicle does not have an overdrive, then realistically, you can not.

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You pop off the retaining ring with a small screwdriver (the notch is towards the back of the ring) and the switch slides out. Simply slide the replacement switch in and replace the retaining ring. The new switch costs around $27 and took less than ten minutes to replace.

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