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Are you assuming that your overdrive is not working? I have same problem, no indicator on dashboard to say overdrive is on or off and revs about 5000rpm at 70mph so I know overdrive is the problem. I will try to run a live feed to the one of the wires going to the overdrive switch. Does anyone know where fuse for O/D is??? Also clock flickers and interior ligh doesn't work if it's related????

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โˆ™ 2007-04-26 21:20:26
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Q: How much work is involved to replace the overdrive switch on a Hyundai?
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2010 Hyundai Sonata have a overdrive switch?

does the 2010 hyundai santa fe have an on off overdrive switch where is it located

Where is the overdrive switch in a 2001 Hyundai Accent located?

on the gear shifter

Where is the overdrive switch on a 2001 Hyundai tiburon?

It is located on the gear shift handle.

In a 2000 Hyundai elantra you have every gear exept overdrive what could be the problem?

Could be the overdrive on/off switch, which is located on the gearshift handle. That's all the help I can give you, best of luck.

How do you install an overdrive switch?

If the vehicle does not have an overdrive, then realistically, you can not.

How do you replace a 2000 ford expedition overdrive on off switch?

You pop off the retaining ring with a small screwdriver (the notch is towards the back of the ring) and the switch slides out. Simply slide the replacement switch in and replace the retaining ring. The new switch costs around $27 and took less than ten minutes to replace.

Where is the switch for the overdrive in the Isuzu Rodeo?

There is no overdrive, per se, but a mode switch called "Power Mode" that doubles as an overdrive, allowing more RPMs per gear.

How do you replace the overdrive switch on the selector column of a 1998 ford expedition mine has been glued into the on position by the former owner thanks in add vance?

Mines is the same way. I think you would have to replace the entire OD switch.

What would cause your overdrive switch to not work on a 1995 Mazda Protege when passing a car and the overdrive switch is off it won't automatically shift down to accelerate?

If the overdrive switch is turned off then the car will not go into overdrive. As it is not in overdrive, then it will not downshift out of overdrive as it normally would. It also will not shift to 3rd gear above a certain factory preset speed. Turn th overdrive on and see if it operates normally.

How do you replace the overdrive switch on a 1988 Corvette with the 4 3 manual transmission?

remove the shift knob,t bar, shifter boot and plate, the switch is attached with 2 screws

Where is the overdrive switch on a 1989 Chevy Celebrity?

There is no separate switch for the overdrive, simply put the gear selector in the overdrive position. It looks like a D inside a square. Not all Chevy Celebrities have the overdrive feature, it was an extra cost option.

How do you remove and replace OD switch on floor shift lever on 97 Taurus?

I just took my 97 in to have the switch fixed. Not only was the switch not the problem but is worst now. The overdrive will not shut off and the ford dealer charged me 800 dollars to break the overdrive. Make sure you have a switch problem. I could not find much information in my manual which is why I took it to the dealer who then shafted me.

On a 1994 Mazda 626 How do get the button on the shifter to switch back over to automatic from overdrive it is stuck in overdrive and when you push the button it won't switch back?

The button does not switch from Overdrive to Automatic. The button just turns the overdrive off. Overdrive is not a separate drive system as your question implies. Normally you leave the car in overdrive mode. That way the transmission shifts into overdrive at highway speeds, thus saving fuel. If you are saying the transmission is stuck in overdrive and it will not disengage then seek out a A/T professional.

Where is the overdrive cancel switch on 2008 Toyota 4runner v8 limited located?

There is no "switch". To cancel overdrive move the gear lever from "D" to "4".

Where is the fuse for overdrive on 1990 ford e150 van?

the fuse is in the dash behind the overdrive switch

What can be wrong if you can't get the overdrive to come off?

Take it in. There is either a problem with your transmission or with the overdrive switch itself. Overdrive switch should be a lot cheaper to fix. I'm assuming the light not only goes on, but the overdrive physically turns off as well when the light is on.

Location of transmission overdrive switch 1996 ford windstar?

The overdrive ON / OFF switch is located on the end of your gearshift lever ( P R N etc. )

Overdrive on off button on shift lever does not turn off overdrive?

bad fuse or bad switch

Where is the overdrive switch located in the Nissan Altima?


What is causing your 1995 Cutlass Supreme not to switch to overdrive at times Is there an external overdrive switch?

Check transmission fluid level Try changing transmission fluid and filter

Is the overdrive supposed to stay on all of the time on a 2005 Hyundai accent?

I have a 2002 Accent with the overdrive button. The owners manual suggests that the switch should be engaged to have overdrive on all the time. However, I have found that since I do a great deal of stop and go driving the transaxle shifts and performs better with the overdrive off. The car isn't trying to put itself into overdrive every two seconds and makes for a smoother drive. Again this is mostly for heavier stop and go driving.

Ford Expedition 1998 overdrive on or off?

Overdrive ON is the normal position But if you are towing something or driving in hilly country where the transmission is constantly shifting from overdrive to drive , then you want to switch the overdrive off

Is light on or off on dash board when overdrive switched on?

The overdrive light will be off when the overdrive switch is pushed in. If the light flashes then that's a trouble shooting code.

Where is the overdrive switch on a 2001 Nissan Altima?

Hi, I have the Nissan Altima 2001 too and the overdrive switch in on the gear shifter handle and just below the shift push button.

How do you change the default setting on your 99 Ford Windstar overdrive switch?

default is of course 'on', does your overdrive switch not work? Overdrive should be saving on gas mileage...To change, you would likely need some way to access the cars computer. Goodluck with that.