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a 4 cylinder probe im not sure but i got the gt model and they want 600-800 from places i checked at so probably around 300-400 for yours

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:18:35
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Q: How much would it cost to install a water pump in a 1995 Ford Probe 4 cylinder?
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your best bet would be to trade her in and get a real car

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What would cause water to be leaking into the plug cylinder on a 96 Camry 4-cylinder?

There is likely a crack in the engine block.

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I would think a Probe owners club is for owners of Ford Probe cars.

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What is wrong if the clutch in your Ford Probe does not come back up after pushing it in and will not allow you to get into gear?

might have a leak in the clutch lines somewhere check to see if you have any fluid should be by the master cylinder and look like a clear pill bottle change your slave would cost you about $45..i had the same problem last its running 89' probe..

Why would a 1993 Ford Probe 4 cylinder cut off and stall when car is driven for 10 minutes?

hi! i had the same problem on my '94 SE and it was caused by the distributor.

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Are there any details you should know before attempting to convert your Probe from a 4-cylinder to a 6-cylinder?

you would need to get a new ecu that will go to the motor you are putting in, then also get the new wiring harness. make sure you map out the angle of the engine to get the max of horsepower and gas milage.

If the head gaskets or the thermostat isent bad the why would a 1994 ford probe over heat?

It may be the water pump.

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