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How much would it cost to replace an alternator on a 97 Honda Civic LX?


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Labor should be just under an hour in the Mitchell labor guide (around .9) with a standard dealer rate of $75.00-$85.00 per hour.

The alternator varies in price, usual list price on the alternator is $279.68, you can find this cheaper, or have it rebuilt much cheaper if the bearings are in good shape as usually the regulator, stator, and brushes come in a kit.

Doing this yourself is quite simple and requires 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm sockets and wrenches, it's completely accessible, however remember always disconnect the battery before performing any operation that involves electrical wiring of any sort.


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hey, this is a easy answer? (NO)! why would you time it?? all it does is charge the battery!

I just had my alternator replaced on my 1990 Honda Accord and the final bill was $315.

OEM is 330.00 Auto zone 150.00 after return of the old one.

about $4000-$12,000 depending on how bright you want it

Take it to auto zone and have the battery and alternator checked out free.

The voltage regulator in the alternator can cause issues like this when they start to go bad. The voltage regulator is an integrated part of the alternator and cannot be replaced, if it is bad, the entire alternator must be replaced.

Pull it out, take it to a radiator shop and have them do it. Or what I would do , is just replace it with a new aftermakret one.

Accel oil seal. 4 oil seal must be replace

If you are looking to purchase a used Honda Civic VTi, a good place to start would be with used car dealerships. Any Honda dealership would have new Honda Civic VTis available. If they didn't, they could order one in for you.

The wipers on my 1998 Honda Civic were stuck on low so I assumed it was the switch and replaced it, but the problem continued. The local Honda dealer told me that I should replace the motor, which I did, and the problem was fixed.

The average price of a 2006 Honda Civic would be approximately å£6,079. This is for all models and is based on a mileage of around 58,819. The average price of a hatchback 2006 Honda Civic would be approximately å£6,112.

Does Honda still make the Honda Civic SI ? That is a good question and I would have to unfortunately answer that with a no. Year 2005 was the last year for the make of this particular car.

You will need the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets. I would also install new head bolts.

No, they are different generations and therefore require different hoods. A 98 hood would only fit on a civic from 1996-2000

The entire brake can be difficult but the brake pads are easy. I would trust a mechanic to do the entire brake at your local garage. would be a good place to start or

The replacement cost for an alternator in the 2005 Honda Accord LX is about $165 plus labor. It is possible to change an alternator of this type in about 15 minutes, but most repair places might charge an hourly fee for labor. Labor cost will depend on where the work is done.

NO! the Si only comes in stick (manual) transmission, and as of 2006, it is a six speed transmission. i had a honda civic si with a auto trans my civic was a 99 so it might not pretain to this but just thoght i would say that there is such thing as a honda civic si auto trans

either your belt is loose or alternator is faulting out go to nearest part store and have it tested for most accurate test remove alternator from vehicle I've had that happen before and in the vehicle alternator tested good. removed from vehicle it tested bad. replace alternator no further problems

Yes as long as they are both the same body style (coupes, hatchback's, or sedans).

It is built into the alternator. I would just replace the alternator.

I would suggest bringing your Civic to a Honda service center. This is a difficult job and if not done correctly could result in severe engine damage. The NJ Honda dealer that I use has factory trained technicians who use only the best equipment and genuine Honda parts. I wouldn't trust anyone other than their experts to work on my 2002 Honda Accord.

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