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Where is the starter on a 1997 Honda Civic?

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โˆ™ 2006-02-24 23:30:59
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Q: You have a 1997 Honda Civic EX how long would it take to replace the starter?
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Why would a 1990 honda civic not start?

Dead battery, out of fuel, defective fuel pump, defective starter, and many other things.

Would a 1997 Honda accord engine fit a 1995 Honda Civic ex lx or ne Honda Civic?


Would a 1997 Honda civic ex automatic starter be compatible with a 1993 Honda civic ex automatic car I have been told that only 1993-95 starters would be compatible?

I woudl go to a parts store. Take your current starter and ask about a '97 starter. See for yourself but I thought they were the same if it was B-series to B-Series or D-Series to D-Series.

How much would it cost to replace a new bulb on a 2005 Honda civic?

about $4000-$12,000 depending on how bright you want it

How do you repair your radiator in a 92 Honda civic?

Pull it out, take it to a radiator shop and have them do it. Or what I would do , is just replace it with a new aftermakret one.

How much should it cost to replace a blown head gasket for a 1995 Honda civic?

I would say around 300 dollars..

Where would transmission fluid leak on 2006 Honda civic?

Accel oil seal. 4 oil seal must be replace

Where can one purchase a Honda Civic VTi?

If you are looking to purchase a used Honda Civic VTi, a good place to start would be with used car dealerships. Any Honda dealership would have new Honda Civic VTis available. If they didn't, they could order one in for you.

If the wipers of a 1998 Honda Civic EX are stuck on high how would you determine if it is the switch or the motor?

The wipers on my 1998 Honda Civic were stuck on low so I assumed it was the switch and replaced it, but the problem continued. The local Honda dealer told me that I should replace the motor, which I did, and the problem was fixed.

What car will win Honda Civic or Honda S2000?

s2000 would hammer it

Would a 1995 Honda civic hatchback backseat fit in a 1996 Honda civic hatchback?

no cause they are different years, model changed.

What other parts do you need to replace in 1998 Honda Civic when you replace your head Gasket?

You will need the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets. I would also install new head bolts.

What is the average price of a Honda Civic 2006?

The average price of a 2006 Honda Civic would be approximately å£6,079. This is for all models and is based on a mileage of around 58,819. The average price of a hatchback 2006 Honda Civic would be approximately å£6,112.

Does Honda still make the Honda Civic SI?

Does Honda still make the Honda Civic SI ? That is a good question and I would have to unfortunately answer that with a no. Year 2005 was the last year for the make of this particular car.

Will 1998 Honda Civic hood fit on a 2001 Honda Civic?

No, they are different generations and therefore require different hoods. A 98 hood would only fit on a civic from 1996-2000

Is it difficult to replace the brakes on a Honda Civic?

The entire brake can be difficult but the brake pads are easy. I would trust a mechanic to do the entire brake at your local garage.

Why won't my 1982 Honda magna start when hot?

If this has nothing to do with fuel, elect. or whatever. Then most likely the starter is pulling when hot. You would have to replace it.

Is there a automatic Honda Civic Si?

NO! the Si only comes in stick (manual) transmission, and as of 2006, it is a six speed transmission. i had a honda civic si with a auto trans my civic was a 99 so it might not pretain to this but just thoght i would say that there is such thing as a honda civic si auto trans

Where can you find pictures and details on how to change a 1989 Honda civic s to a 1991 Honda civic si? would be a good place to start or

Would you be able to put the engine and gearbox from an all wheel drive civic into a 1994 Honda civic?


Would a 95 civic starter work on a 97 accord?

No, they're different.

Would a 93 Honda civic ex bumper fit a 93 Honda civic dx?

Yes as long as they are both the same body style (coupes, hatchback's, or sedans).

How do you replace the timing belt on a 2002 Honda Civic DX?

I would suggest bringing your Civic to a Honda service center. This is a difficult job and if not done correctly could result in severe engine damage. The NJ Honda dealer that I use has factory trained technicians who use only the best equipment and genuine Honda parts. I wouldn't trust anyone other than their experts to work on my 2002 Honda Accord.

Where can one purchase a 2006 Honda Civic SI?

It is possible to purchase a 2006 Honda Civic SL from various places. Carmax and Autotrader are customer friendly, well known retailers that would sell a 2006 Honda Civic SL. Online auction sites such as eBay and a local Honda retailer are also viable option when considering a Honda purchase.

Where can one buy parts for a Honda Civic 96?

There are many places where one can buy parts for a Honda Civic 96. The best places to buy parts would be at a local car parts store or at a Honda dealership.