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First some general info: Throttle plate cleaning and air induction service seems to be needed about every 18,000 miles, in my experience.

You can check your Power Steering fluid yourself and decide. Pull the dipstick out and wipe it on something white. If it's clear, you're okay, if it's discolored (brownish usually but translucent), then get it flushed.

I am really curious to know about the EVAP Flush. I have never heard of it. Maybe there is something new that I'm not familiar with, but would be surprised as we are usually close to the cutting edge. Plese get more info about this, as I am at a loss.

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Q: How often should you get an induction service and evap system flush and power steering flush?
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Where should i go to service my 1997 Cadillac deville power steering system?

While any competent shop should be able to service this, a Cadillac dealer will have the most direct experience.

How often should power steering system be flushed?

It is not necessary to flush the power steering system in a car. However, you should check the power steering fluid level in the car each month.

Service and repair procedure of advance power steering?

Checking power steering fluid level Checking belts and hoses Checking the system for leaks Pressure testing the system Bleeding the system

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Power steering feels hard when making left turn or right turn?

Hard power steering means there is little to no fluid left in the system. The power steering system should be flushed and checked for leaks.

What is an integral power-steering system?

An integral power-steering system is otherwise known as a four-wheel steering system. It is also known as an all-wheel steering system.

The service steering system light keeps coming on a 1997 cadillac?

You will need to have the codes checked for your steering system but most of the time the problem is a bad steering position sensor which is located at the bottom of the steering column on the inside of the car. I have seen defective YAW Rate sensors cause this problem but very very rare.

Can you run a 3 phase induction motor on a single phase system?

No, you can not run a 3 phase induction motor on a single phase system.

What should you do if you accidentally put a small amount of coolant in the power steering fluid reservoir?

go and hve the power steering system flushed

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How the electric steering work and what is the advantage of electric steering system than the conventional steering?

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What happens if you put engine fluid in power steering fluid?

You will screw your steering system. You need to flush steering system ASAP. And of course do not drive with engine oil in steering.

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Can you drive with oil in your power steering fluid?

The oil is bad for your seals in the pump as well as the hoses. If you have oil in your power steering system you should have it flushed as soon as possible.

Where is iat on 1999 firebird?

I believe its located where your induction system is. look by the radiator, then go upward and it should be the closesr one to you on the right side.

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What is the use for a power steering pump?

A power steering pump is an essential part of the steering mechanism of your car. This is run directly from the engine (via a pulley system) and provides the hydraulic power for the steering system.

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Failure of the power steering system.

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