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How often should you go to a tanning salon?

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It is required that there is a 24 hour period between tanning sessions. If you burn, wait until your skin has fully recovered until doing another tanning session.

2009-09-16 22:39:37
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Q: How often should you go to a tanning salon?
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Who does indoor tanning in Seaside Heights/?

You should go to a tanning salon that does the airbrush tanning if you would like a tanner look. Regular tanning is not safe and may lead to skin cancer eventually.

Can you get tan in the winter?

just go to a tanning salon

What are tanning salon tickets used for on

They are used to go to the salon and get all dolled up. ^_^

Should you go to a tanning salon?

The tanning bed naturally replicates sunlight so you get the full benefits of natural Vitamin D absorption just by laying in atanning bed instead of heading outdoors

Is it ok for a for a guy go tanning at a tanning salon?

Of course.... why wouldn't it be? They are all separate beds or showers.

Can you swim in a chlorine pool after tanning in a tanning bed?

you can if you want to it won't hurt the tan is on your skin and will stay there if you go to the tanning salon regularly :)

How long do you have to go to school to work at a tanning salon?

3 years

What are the discounts for tanning bed employees?

At my work all the girls who work at the tanning salon get free tanning. I'm sure it depends from salon to salon. The reason we get free tanning is so we can look tan, if a customer comes in to tan, and they see someone pale behind the desk, they will think the tanning beds at that salon don't work. Basically giving us free tanning makes us a walking billboard, someone will ask me where I tan and I will say my work name, and then they will go there because I look so tan. Simple

I want to live as a girl should i go to a salon then let them do evertything also should you wear false eyelashes and get a spray tan done and what else do i need to do?

You can go to the salon if you would like false eyelashes itch and hurt so I suggest that you put on mascara I would not recommend a spray tan so go to a tanning salon.

When You go to a tanning salon what kinds of rays do you get hit with?

Ultra Violet Rays, which are very harmful.

What are the benefits to purchasing a used tanning bed?

Obviously a top benefit would be the fact that it is cheaper. If you tan often then you will save money on going in to a salon and tanning. An used tanning bed has the greatest advantage of very low prices compared to the new ones which are prohibitively expensive and is undoubtedly a preferable option if you need to go salon for tanning by paying exorbitant fee.You can deem yourself extremely lucky if you can get a relatively new used bed with functioning bulb.

If you are twelve can you go tanning?

Tanning is not a safe alternative to sunning. They used to say that you should get a nice healthy tan. There is really no such thing as a healthy tan. When your skin darkens it is because it is cooking. I know a lot of people that have had skin cancer and wished that they didn't go after that "healthy tan". If you insist on getting a tan then you should have your parents or guardians ask a tanning salon if they have an age restriction.

Do tanning beds cause eczema?

Actually tanning beds can help lessen the effects of eczema. I work at a tanning salon and I have quite a few customers who come in with doctors notes who have psoriasis or eczema who were sent to go tanning to help lessen the effects.

Can tanning in a tanning bed cause a miscarriage?

You won't get a miscarriage if you tan. I currently work at a tanning salon and we must know if you are pregnant so that we can inform you to stay hydrated. Tanning beds dehydrate you and so does being pregnant, so if you do go tanning while pregnant be sure to stay hydrated!

How often should you go tanning?

Tanning indoors- usually about 5 to 7 sessions (about every other day) to build a base tan, once a week to maintain base tan.

How long should you wait to go tanning after getting your nipples pierced?

You can go tanning right away, just keep tanning lotions out of and away from the piercings.

How often should you go to the tanning beds a week?

I tan pretty often. I tan for a month or two then don't for a month since my tan last a while. I use to go as much as possible and I wouldn't get any darker bc I was tanning a few days in a row on week days. I asked the salon owner what I could do to get darker and she said it takes 24 hrs for you to fully absorb the rays from the tanning bed to keep your skin moisturized with lotion btwn tans and to use a goo bronzing lotion. I go every mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and I have a nice golden tan. Hope this helps.

Which spray tan would be best?

Spray tanning is a great save way to get that golden glow. The best way to have it done is to go to your local professional tanning salon for the most even results.

What To Expect When Visiting Tanning Salons?

A tanning salon is a type of business that offers artificial tanning to its customers. The tanning salon makes achieving a perfect sun-kissed look quite simple without spending hours in the sun. Most tanning salons have a different combination of tanning methods. Some of these methods include UV light beds and spray tanning. While both of these methods leave a lovely tan, the spray tan is considered the safest method of tanning out of the two different types. Tanning salons usually sell different type of tanning lotions and bronzers that can help provide a darker and richer tan. Some tanning salons offer other types of services such as personal care and spa services.Most tanning salons offer a variety of memberships. Prices will vary depending upon the tanning salon that is visited. In most cases, members of the tanning salon pay a certain amount each month for the tanning services. Some of these salons will offer discounts or bonuses for those that become a member of the salon. Before visiting the tanning salon of choice, it is best to call and ask about what they offer and what their prices are for the different type of tanning methods.Tanning has become increasingly popular especially in the United States. Many people enjoy sporting a tan look throughout the entire year, even during the winter weather. Some people feel better about themselves and feel as though they look better when they are tan. Those that visit the tanning salon must be sure to purchase protective eye wear before tanning in a UV light bed. The protective eye wear protects the eyes from any damage that the UV lights could possibly cause. Tanning salon owners typically make it a rule of thumb that all customers must wear protective eye garments before tanning in a UV bed. The reason for this rule is to ensure the proper safety of all customers.Aside from the UV bed tanning, spray tans are commonly done in tanning salons. A spray tan only takes about ten minutes to achieve a decent tan. Before spray tanning, one should exfoliate the skin prior to visiting the tanning salon. Exfoliating helps the spray tan to go on evenly. The skin should always be clean prior to a spray tan. A spray tan can be performed on bare skin or while wearing a bathing suit or under garment.

Can you go to a tanning salon when you're pregnant?

You can. It is recommended that you don't. Some salons will allow it, some won't. You can always get a mystic tan.

What is the most efficient tanning bedHow much will my power bill go up if I have three tanning beds in my salon?

The most efficient tanning beds are those that use LED lights. If you have 3 tanning beds you will have a very high electric bill, however, it depends on the cost of electric where you are located. The most efficient tanning bed is going to be a Sunquest model tanning beds. You can get these at Master Tanning @

How old should you be before you go tanning?

To tan you should be about 36 months old. Keep your youngsters out of the tanning bed, please!

How old should you be to go tanning?

you have to be 14 and up.

Why are the simpons yellow?

its cartoon, Americans are mad, you can't get yellow people... well you can, but i don't think they go to the tanning salon all day.

Choose Your Tanning Lotion Wisely?

There are many great tanning lotions available from many different resources, but which one you choose to use depends on your particular skin, preferences and where you are getting your tan from. If you are just looking for a tan but don't care to go to a tanning booth or stay out in the sun, buy a tanning lotion that will gradually bronze your skin for a tanned appearance. If you go to a tanning booth, you will need to purchase a lotion from the salon or from a beauty supply store that sells tanning lotions that are compatible with the acrylic base of most tanning beds.