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Q: How old is a Stevens 410 double barrel shotgun H36 280?
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Where can you find information about a 16 gauge J Stevens Model 280 shotgun serial 2127?

Early sidelock double-barrel shotgun with external hammers. Please do not attempt to shoot it until you have it thoroughly checked by a reputable gunsmith. The barrels were not designed for today's ammunition in both chamber length (16ga was 2 9/16" back then), construction (shells were paper, not plastic hulled) and pressure.

Value of new era gun works 12 GA double barrel?

From 130.00 in poor shape to 280 in like new condition.

Billerica 12 Ga Double Barrel Shotgun What is the prce of one in good condition?

I own one and absolutely love it. I keep it loaded with #8 birdshot in the event that someone was to intrude into my house. A shotgun with bird shot is the safest, yet most intimidating gun you can have for self-protection. The double barreled 12 gauge from Billerica is a great deal. I'd be willing to pay up to $280 cash for one used.

What fps is a M3000 airsoft shotgun?

280 fps

Where can you get a 280 caliber barrel for a Sigarms SHR970?

Contact SIG.

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What is a used Charles Daly youth 20 ga shotgun serial no 3613860 worth?

I just bought one used from Cabelas for $280.

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