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How reliable is a VW Polo?

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Depends a lot on the model and age. Some of the three cylinder engines in the 02-onwards cars have had issues, these were brand new in 2002 and the designs have been modified since to fix some of the problems that have appeared. One big problem with the 1.2 engines is slippage of the timing chain (the engines use a chain instead of a cam belt). In theory the chain is supposed to save on maintenance and never need replacing like an ordinary rubber cam belt, but in practice a problem with the tensioners meant that many of them slipped at around 40-50,000 miles, meaning the engines had to be stripped and rebuilt with new chains and modified tensioners. Be wary of any older (pre 2005) 1.2's that haven't had this work done.

2009-07-15 11:04:47
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New VW Polo for EU market is made in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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The VW polo has headlight bulbs. If the headlights are not working, it may be a bulb has burnt out.

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no. but you can make it fit. but you have to make alot of changes to the bumper and is load of work.

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yes, currently the Volkswagen Polo is the smallest car that Volkswagen makes and is known as a supermini vehicle.

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Vw polo 1.6 cylinder head torque settings?

The head torque settings for a VW Polo 1.6 cylinder head are 40 newton meters with 2- 90 degree turns. Bolts should always be replaced. It is not recommended to reuse the bolts.

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